Why Study in the UK? By Metropolis Education

  • 11 Mar 2024 1:15 PM
Why Study in the UK? By Metropolis Education
Why Study in the UK? Well, some of the UK’s leading boarding schools are heading to Budapest on the 16th March to chat with families about the amazing opportunities available for summer camps, short term stays and longer term education.

But why the UK?

The UK is home to some of the finest independent schools in the world and, with careful research, you will find the right school to provide your children with an educational experience that they will cherish for the rest of their lives - whatever their age.

The country's boarding schools are safe, happy places for maximum achievement and personal development. There has never been a better time to become a boarder at a British boarding school with standards in education and in pastoral care have never been higher. The results speak for themselves with many schools securing upto 98% of their pupils places in their first choice of University, across the globe.

High academic standards

Many of the UK boarding schools are top of the league tables for public examinations, expecting the best standards from their pupils and staff. Highly qualified and experienced staff teaching small classes enable considerable achievements on the part of their pupils, who then access the best universities. Children with interests in arts, music, drama and sport will also thrive – education is not only about academic success.

A safe environment

High standards of professional pastoral care are the norm, and are assured by regular inspections at least every three years) that produce published reports. Pupils will be well cared for in a happy community in comfortable surroundings.

Healthy eating is encouraged and schools maintain high standards of medical care of pupils. Many schools are also fortunate in having superb buildings – some rich in history, some excitingly new – and grounds in which to grow and learn.

Support for international students

Schools are alert to the particular needs of international students and understand life away from family and friends. They also value the huge contribution they have to make to the academic and social life of the schools.

Respect for different cultures is fostered in the mixed communities which prepare pupils for the modern world. Most schools ensure that individual or group lessons in English as an additional language are available, and prepare pupils for language tests that qualify them for university entry. Broad programmes of activities that cater for many interests are also offered.

An extracurricular life

The activities a pupil enjoys after school and at the weekend will be wide-ranging, challenging and fun. With excellent facilities for sport, music, art and drama at their disposal, and tutors and coaches on call, schools make a different world of opportunities available to pupils outside the teaching.

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