Top 5 Authentic Pizza Places in Budapest

  • 19 Jun 2023 3:12 PM
Top 5 Authentic Pizza Places in Budapest
When it comes to authentic pizza in Budapest, these five establishments stand out as worthy destinations for a pilgrimage to Italy.

From the Neapolitan-style wonders at Digó to the lively atmosphere of Pizza Manufaktura and the Roman-style delights at Pizzica, each offers a chance to indulge in the rich flavours of the world’s favourite cuisine. Buon appetito!

1. Digó

At Digó on Kazinczy utca in Budapest’s nightlife hub, you'll find some of the finest Neapolitan-style pizza the city has to offer. With a wood-burning oven, premium double-zero flour, and a two-step dough fermentation process, Digó creates pizzas bursting with flavour.

The crusts are beautifully puffed and speckled with delightful charred spots. Stand-outs include the bianca with its aromatic Italian sausage, and the margherita DOP, made with San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella.

Another branch has since opened by the Zoo on Állatkerti körút.

Budapest 1075, Kazinczy utca 32.
Open Mon-Wed 5pm-10pm, Thur-Fri 5pm-11pm, Sat 1pm-11pm, Sun noon-10pm.

2. IGEN Pizza

When it comes to pizza, the Neapolitans say, ‘Naples over Rome’. IGEN (‘Yes!’) Pizza takes this saying to heart at its spacious Buda location, on a street quickly filling with trendy boutiques and galleries.

Their wood-burning oven fuelled by beech logs achieves the high heat necessary for authentic Neapolitan-style pies. The airy crust, charred spots and delicious centre are hallmarks of this style.

For the ultimate experience, indulge in the margherita DOP, showcasing San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella from Campania and fresh basil. Tiramisu, beer and wine are also available. Prices are on the steeper side here, but from experience, it’s worth it.

IGEN Pizza
Budapest 1027, Margit körút 60.
Open Mon-Thur & Sun noon-10pm, Fri-Sat noon-11pm.

3. Pizza Manufaktura

Located in Budapest’s up-and-coming District IX, Pizza Manufaktúra exudes urban cool, with its lively atmosphere, savvy staff and clientele. This popular pizza joint strikes a balance between Roman and Neapolitan styles, resulting in a soft, doughy crust with air pockets and charred spots, firm enough to be handheld.

The Paprika János, with its paprika-laced crispy sausage, bacon, tomato and green peppers, is a must-try. Another standout is the Tükör, featuring a creamy poached egg atop a base of tomato sauce, prosciutto, bacon and mozzarella. Students from Corvinus Uni flock here, so expect some midday waiting.

Pizza Manufaktura
Budapest 1092, Erkel utca 4.
Open Daily 11am-9pm.

4. Pizzica

For pizza al taglio, the rectangular-shaped Roman slices, head to Pizzica in Budapest’s theatre district . Run by the de Bartolomeo brothers from southern Italy, this small take-out joint offers a classic pizza experience. Their moist, high-gluten dough undergoes a long fermentation process, resulting in a chewy, focaccia-like texture with crispy crust and a charred underbelly.

Toppings vary but may include tomato sauce, mortadella, rocket, sausage, mushrooms and even truffles. Priced at around €2 per slice, two or three should satisfy your cravings. Take your pizza to go in true Roman fashion or enjoy it at one of the few available tables.

Budapest 1065, Nagymező utca 21.
Open Mon-Thur 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-midnight.

5. Little Italy Pizzeria

The Little Italy Pizzeria, nestled at the quieter end of Király utca, is adorned with images of Naples and Vesuvius, and decked out with football scarves. Delicious and affordable pizzas are crafted with lightning speed by the Hungarian owner-chef, who honed his skills working in Naples.

Little Italy isn’t about being trendy – it’s about serving up delicious pizzas that keep patrons coming back for more. With a menu listing 42 different types, there’s something to suit everyone. Recommended is the Casagrande, a tantalising combination of prosciutto, Italian salami, bacon and chili.

The bufala, a simple yet flavourful some, features buffalo mozzarella that adds a creamy richness. And, of course, the house Little Italy pizza, topped with mozzarella, Italian sausage and cherry tomatoes, is a crowd-pleaser.

As you savour your slice, you may even catch an Italian match on TV.

Little Italy Pizzeria
Budapest 1077, Király utca 103.
Open Wed-Sat noon-3pm, 6pm-9pm, Sun noon-3pm.

Words by Peterjon Cresswell for
Peterjon has been researching the byways of Budapest for 30 years, extending his expertise across Europe to produce guidebooks for Time Out and his own website

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