Enjoy Szilveszter: Great Variety of New Year’s Eve Events in Hungary

  • 21 Dec 2023 8:08 AM
  • Hungary Today
Enjoy Szilveszter: Great Variety of New Year’s Eve Events in Hungary
First up, as you may know, NYE is referred to as Szilveszter in Hungary. From a New Year’s Eve spa to a special dinner, or even a retro New Year’s Eve, there will be plenty of ways to say goodbye to the Old Year here, reports Magyar Nemzet.

However, if someone is looking for something unusual, it is worth checking out the New Year’s Eve party at Kincsem Park, or browse the cheap festive offers on demand.

In Budapest, there are countless ways to celebrate any occasion, whether it is a cruise on the Danube, a sporty celebration in Kincsem Park, a traditional folk dance and music evening, or just a night out in the city.

The last hours of the Old Year have always been a special occasion, as the New Year has long been greeted with a lavish ceremony, and of course, a lot of noise.

Cheering and games are still an important part of the parties, and trumpets and firecrackers are also a traditional part of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Typical foods to eat on New Year’s Eve in Hungary are ham, sausages, and lentils. At the end of the meal, while drinking champagne, the countdown begins, resolutions are made, and perhaps even a few people try their hand at fortune-telling.

Of course, it is very popular to choose a hotel at this time of year, as the delicious food and pre-arranged New Year’s Eve programs guarantee relaxation and recharging, which is why it is good to keep an eye on accommodations, party offers, and various New Year’s Eve packages.

Some people are looking for more active programs, hence it is also worth checking out the world of festive concerts, as there will be both cheap and exclusive options on December 31, 2023, whether it is an unconventional music night or a house party.

Furthermore, for those who simply want to drift among the city lights and passers-by dressed in masks, there are street and outdoor options to be found not only in the capital but also in towns and cities across the country.

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