BBIS Student-Led Service Initiatives Help Ukrainian Refugees

  • 27 Apr 2023 12:16 PM
BBIS Student-Led Service Initiatives Help Ukrainian Refugees
Budapest British International School Diploma students are working with charities to provide help for Ukrainian refugees.

DP student, Chan, has been working with Learning Without Borders. This organization is the refugee school in Budapest which is currently providing continuity of education for displaced Ukrainian children. 

Chan and his classmates offered their regular time to provide physical chores to support the learning environment such as clearing the bathrooms, and mopping floors to contribute what they can for the benefit of the Ukrainian children. Chan has been active in the group since the summer of 2022 and was keen to promote the cause to his friends.

Service learning in the International Baccalaureate is integrated into the curriculum at all levels of the programme at BBIS

Why? From inspiring Service as action through curriculum learning in the MYP, through to the Creativity, Activity and Service expectations of the Diploma, service is purposeful, compulsory and integrated into both the IB programmes at BBIS.

Service focuses on student growth by exposing students to learn new and challenging skills, use initiative and planning, and requires students to demonstrate commitment and perseverance - to that end it is student-led.

These service interactions focus on personal and interpersonal development by asking students to reflect on their experiences and practical learning in the real world. Engaging in leadership outside of the familiar school environment is a wonderful way to enable students to engage with, what is in many cases, their host nation and new cultural experiences.

Enabling students of all ages to engage with service on a school, local or global level, enables the international student to learn far more about their experiences living abroad. For Chan, who has been living in Budapest for 3 years, the service became even more meaningful as he was able to facilitate his own Ukrainian classmates to connect with their compatriots, and help through Learning without Borders; there is nothing glamorous about the service the students are providing, they are doing tough jobs for the benefit of the charity and the community they are supporting in order to make what money there goes further. All our students learn that to make a change in the world, it starts with us. Service encourages the students to ask "What can I do?".

CAS Coordinator at BBIS, Ms Tunde Horvath said: "I joined Chan and his classmates to see their work at the Ukrainian school on one occasion. It was great seeing them helping this community, and the school leaders praised Chan and his team for showing commitment week by week. Chan plans to provide after-school activities to some older Ukrainian students as a next step. CAS teaches students to take the initiative and be responsible members of society.

I look forward to supporting the students in expanding their community service."

CAS allows students to cultivate the flexibility and ingenuity that young people will need once they transition out of the comfort of the school environment. Chan's ability to make a difference towards a global issue of significance is important to him, and teaches us all that we are capable of giving and making a difference to the lives of others.

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