F2 Reformer Pilates Studio to Bring New Kind of Workout to Budapest

  • 4 Dec 2023 10:37 AM
F2 Reformer Pilates Studio to Bring New Kind of Workout to Budapest
It’s time to get fit and flexible as a new reformer Pilates studio opened its doors in Buda side.

The  F2 Pilates Reformer Studio offers a new kind of workout experience in the capital. 

In this premium decorated and top-equipped studio close to the MOM Park Shopping center, classes are held for small groups of up to eight people at a time. English-speaking certified instructors, easy parking, and classes at all levels are waiting for the pilates lovers.

This place is a real gap-filler for pilates lovers on the Buda side of the town, especially for those who prefer the dynamics of exercising in a group. One can shut off the rest of the world, focus on her/himself, and recharge in the classes with a motivating atmosphere.

Working on 8 brand new Elina Pilates Reformer machines from Spain, 7 experienced and certified instructors are teaching classes with different styles and backgrounds, so everyone can find the class/instructor combination that suits them best.

All instructors speak English and in case there is demand, specific English or German speaking classes can be started.

Guests can find classic, functional, and cardio classes for beginners to advanced at all levels. You can find classes all day: morning, afternoon, evening hours and also on the weekends!

Reformer Pilates is an easy-to-learn form of exercise with many benefits, available to anyone regardless of age and gender. It develops movement coordination, a sense of balance, body awareness, builds muscles, stretches them at the same time, and, last but not least, is gentle on the joints.

Due to the large number of exercises, it's always varied, you can't get bored!

The studio is brand new, beautifully decorated, and owns a nice changing room with lockers and a shower for ladies.

More to come: in our second room Powerbox Pilates (a less known type of Pilates exercised on the mat with strings attached to the wall) Body art, Aviva and Prenatal mat classes (with max 5 people) will start soon.

For information on how to book a class at F2 Pilates Reformer Studio, please visit:

1124 Budapest, Fürj utca 2.
Phone number: +36 20 5765560
E-mail: hello@f2pilates.hu

If you arrive with a car, there are several options for parking:

- you can use the below ground level garage of BAH center, the entrance to that you can find from Fürj street. Parking fee is 500 HUF/hour from 8am-19pm and 250HUF/hour between 19pm -7am.
- alternatively you can park in the surrounding streets, which based on the zone info are either free or for a charge of 600 HUF/hour. Please check your parking application to make sure if you need to pay or not.

Social media: Facebook  / Instagram

If you arrive by public transportation, these lines have stops in the neighbourhood:
Trams 17 and 61
Buses 139, 212, 140, 8E, 108E, 110, 112

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