Introducing Evergreen Dental in Budapest - More Than Dentistry

  • 9 Jan 2023 5:01 PM
Introducing Evergreen Dental in Budapest - More Than Dentistry
Evergreen Dental clinic is located on the famous Andrássy út in the very center of Budapest in a fully restored magnificent building from 1870.

From Evergreen Dental Team: 

Our certified dental office itself is very modern and friendly and will immediately make you feel comfortable.

The warm green colors in the waiting room and high-speed Wi-Fi provide the atmosphere of a living room.

The friendly, fluently English speaking staff will make sure your stay will be as pleasant as possible. The generously sized air-conditioned treatment rooms, all between 20-30 square meters are in stark contrast to the usually rather claustrophobic treatment rooms patients come to expect in dental practices.

Each of our treatment rooms has a consultation area, where the patient and the dentist can sit down face-to-face and discuss all treatment-related issues and queries.

Professional Team

The best quality materials are worth nothing if used improperly. At Evergreen we ensure the most professional team taking care of your demand. We put a special focus on communication – it all starts with understanding each other.

Once you arrive at our dental clinic you will experience the utmost patience and friendly approach from all our staff members who will guide you on the way to your new teeth. Our staff members fluently speak English and this will allow you to express yourself in a very detailed way and to be understood.

We have the perfect solution for everyone

Dentistry against some other medical fields always requires an individual solution and usually offers several ways and solution types to achieve the goal therefore sometimes it is difficult for a patient to understand the different methods and results beforehand when comparing dental clinics.

At Evergreen Dental it is our utmost goal to present every alternative our patients can choose from and explain all the involved treatments. Our services cover all aspects of dentistry, from aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry to complex restorative dentistry like bone graft operations or implant dentistry or digitally planned smile and computer-manufactured solutions. 

Our dental clinic has the best dentistry equipment available ensuring most modern dentistry.

At Evergreen Dental, almost exclusively in Budapest, we are specialized in treatments conducted in general anaesthesia, therefore many tremulous patients choose us consciously as we have the best dentists for nervous patiens.

The conditions are met on a high level in accordance with the European standards at our clinic. The patient can spend the time after the intervention, uniquely, in the comfort of the recovery room where she or he can even be with relatives.

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Address: Budapest, Andrássy út 45, 1061  
Phone: (06 1) 201 0835

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