Kiflicske - Shopping Club for Health-Conscious Parents

  • 24 Apr 2023 4:53 PM
Kiflicske - Shopping Club for Health-Conscious Parents
The Shoppers' Club offers a unique and unbeatable program on the market, where everything is available in one place for health-conscious development.

The club also offers something very special in terms of services and exclusive benefits for people with children.

The image of a parent wanting to give the best to their child inspired the Kiflicske Club. A conscious and healthy lifestyle is possible from infancy, as healthy, fresh fruits, vegetables or environmentally friendly, waste-free baby accessories are now all available to anyone with just a few clicks away. In the past, the biggest hurdles were choice, availability, and time spent shopping.

"Kiflicske Club offers everything you need to ensure healthy development for your child from infancy to school age. A caring parent will do their best to provide the best care and support for their child. Let us be your reliable partner on this journey, take over the burden of shopping and give back some of your precious time," said Gabriel Makki, CEO at the recent Kiflicske Club meeting, where the management of the presented the renewed program to parents, customers, renowned influencers and the press. 

Membership does not entail any obligation and gives you access to exclusive benefits of the service. In addition to special discounts for club members, every Sunday to Thursday between 10 am and 4 pm free shipping and cashback for spent forints are also provided in the form of credits.

The range of products is so wide that parents can ensure quality, healthy and environmentally friendly products in all areas of everyday life, and they also save time, since after placing an order lasting a few minutes, all they have to do is pick up the shopping at the doorstep. 

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