Kricky Wins Again: Top Confectioner from Komárom Takes Silver at Culinary Olympics

  • 7 Feb 2024 8:31 AM
  • Hungary Today
Kricky Wins Again: Top Confectioner from Komárom Takes Silver at Culinary Olympics
Krisztina Podmaniczky, aka Kricky, has once again taken the podium at the quadrennial Culinary Olympics, reports Világgazdaság. The Hungarian confectioner, known for her lifelike cakes and dessert figures, has been piling up successes.

According to the Hungarian Confectioners’ Association, Krisztina Podmaniczky won a silver medal in the pastry artistry category at the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart, Germany.

This is not the first time that her talent and dexterity have been rewarded, as the Komárom-based (northern Hungary) confectioner has already triumphed at the World Championships and even at the Culinary Olympics – most recently, for example, she returned home with a gold medal.

Krisztina Podmaniczky achieved her first international success at the World Confectionery Championships in 2014 and has been among the best in the culinary world ever since, writes

Last week, at the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart, she won a medal for her creation Forever young.

This time, Kricky created a hilariously laughing aunt and uncle. The composition also includes a dog marking the fire hydrant, a recurring motif in the confectioner’s works.


Previous successes:
* In 2014 and 2018, Kricky brought home gold medals from the World Culinary Championships in Luxembourg.
* In 2016, she won a silver medal at the Confectionery Olympics and a silver medal at the World Championships.
* In 2020, she returned from the Stuttgart Culinary Olympics with gold and bronze medals, portraying an elderly circus ringmaster and monkey, and Santa Claus while having a bad day.
* In 2022, at the World Culinary Championships in Luxembourg, she made herself out of sugar and sculpted a meat counter stall, winning silver and bronze.

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