Uber is Coming Back to Budapest

  • 29 Feb 2024 5:17 AM
  • Hungary Today
Uber is Coming Back to Budapest
On Tuesday, Uber announced that it would be coming back to Budapest in partnership with Főtaxi, reports Világgazdaság.

The move will not only offer more options for residents and tourists in the capital, but will also expand the transport network. The dispatching license application was submitted on February 27 by F Mobilitás, a subsidiary of Főtaxi. They say the service will fully comply with local regulatory requirements.

The Uber app was opened almost 100,000 times in Budapest in 2023, even though the service was not available in the city.

Főtaxi’s statement pointed out that the company’s technology will allow drivers to spend less time looking for passengers or waiting at taxi ranks and more time serving them, making it even easier to get around.

Uber works with taxi companies around the world, and the feedback is clear: Uber and taxis can do more together.

The partnership is a win-win for everyone:
It helps taxi drivers earn more
Increases travel options for the public
Makes transport in Budapest more efficient.

The main goal of Uber’s service is to develop a technological solution that connects drivers and passengers on demand.

The app works as follows:
The passenger opens the app.
The system pairs the passenger with the driver.
The driver picks up the passenger.
The driver takes the passenger to the destination.
The driver and passenger evaluate each other.

“Our goal is to further strengthen our role as one of the largest taxi companies in Budapest, to the satisfaction of our residential and corporate customers, and to expand our traditional customer base with additional innovation-savvy customers through our new subsidiary,” emphasized Kálmán Majtényi, member of the board of directors of Főtaxi.

“As the prospective owner of the license, we are delighted to contribute to the expansion of the Főtaxi Group with a new, independently operating, innovative business that will bring an even higher customer experience to passenger transport in Budapest. We are convinced that Uber is the best partner to bring Budapest’s passenger transport market to a new level of technology,” stressed Ádám Reich, Managing Director of F Mobilitás, Uber’s partner company in Hungary.

Since Uber’s exit from Hungary in 2016, the company has appointed a new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, who has reshaped all aspects of the business. The company has now taken over all operational facets.

Uber has become one of the world’s largest platforms, providing earning opportunities for its contracted partners and an integral part of the daily lives of more than 100 million people.

It operates in more than 10,000 cities around the world under regulated conditions and works with decision-makers to improve the lives of both communities and users.

Főtaxi informed its drivers of the development by letter. In the information sent, Főtaxi stressed that Uber complies with the current Hungarian legal environment in all respects; the way of settling accounts with drivers will not change; the membership fee, the company’s staff and working hours will remain unchanged.

The information sent out concludes that Főtaxi will continue to be the official taxi service provider for Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Balaton Sound, and the Sziget Festival.

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