'Most Spectacular Fireworks Show of All Time' Ahead in Budapest on August 20th

  • 9 Jul 2024 10:16 AM
  • Hungary Today
'Most Spectacular Fireworks Show of All Time' Ahead in Budapest on August 20th
The most spectacular fireworks show of all time will be the highlight of the August 20 celebrations. More people will be able to enjoy the fire and light show than before: instead of the previous 4.3 kilometers, the show will be visible over 5 kilometers long along the Danube, said the Government Information Center (KTK) in response to the inquiry of Magyar Nemzet.

This year, the anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian state will be celebrated with an unusual four-day series of events.

On the long weekend of August 20, programs are expected from Saturday (August 17), the KTK said. The usual mini-festivals, music, cultural and gastronomic events will be held at 19 venues.

For years, the St. Stephen’s Day events have been the most popular summer program for families: free mini-festivals, concerts and other outdoor events are organized for Hungarian and foreign visitors to Budapest to relax and enjoy the summer.

According to the KTK, this year’s fireworks display will be the most spectacular ever for the citizens of Budapest and tourists visiting the capital: more than 5 kilometers of fireworks will be visible along the Danube, instead of 4.3 kilometers.

This means that this time the spectacle will stretch all the way to Margaret Island and will span three inner-city bridges instead last year’s of two.

There will also be more pyrotechnics, more drones and more light painting than last year. All of the above will increase the cost of fireworks by a small amount compared to last year, they wrote.

Last year, 34,000 pyrotechnic effects lit up the sky from 230 launch points, including the Liberty and Elizabeth bridges, seven river barges, and numerous other points.

A spectacular element was the drone show, during which a total of 896 unmanned aerial vehicles formed shapes from symbols of Hungarian history, bringing to life the fateful historical events of the Hungarian nation.

The success of the St. Stephen’s Day Fireworks is also recognized by the international events industry, as evidenced by the fact that the 2022 show won the event industry’s ‘Oscar.’

Detailed program and further info:


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