International Gala Show to Top Off 'Nights of Circus' in Hungary, 11-13 July

  • 11 Jul 2024 11:15 AM
  • Hungary Today
International Gala Show to Top Off 'Nights of Circus' in Hungary, 11-13 July
This week, the biggest circus event in Hungary, the Night of Circuses, will take place, with the 30-year-old Hungarian National Circus joining the event with a special show in Balatonlelle (southern shore of Lake Balaton).

For the 12th time, the Night of the Circuses will be held nationwide, and the 30-year-old Hungarian National Circus will join the event with a special extended show in Balatonlelle. This year’s event, extended to three days, will focus on the star performers of the travelling troupe’s jubilee show, reports.

The troupe will offer a real festival atmosphere between July 11-13.

During the day, there will be a circus parade marching through the city, and in the evening, the 30th anniversary gala show will take place.

The artists of the Hungarian National Circus are already rehearsing for the most anticipated circus event of the year in Balatonlelle, where they will be based until the end of the summer.

The Night of the Circuses will include an open-air tour of the venue and a program of opening events directly before the performances.

The more than two-hour jubilee gala show features a selection of Gold, Silver and Bronze Award-winning world-class performances from the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival and the Budapest International Circus Festival.

Artists from the Cuban national circus will perform a Russian bar performance, while a multi-award-winning parrot revue will also be added to the National Circus’ manage.

In keeping with family tradition, József Richter Jr., the circus director, will dazzle the audience with equestrian performances, and his group will present suppling of Frisian and Arabian thoroughbreds on the stage, alongside a jockey performance.

The Night of the Circuses will also be celebrated in Zamárdi (southern shore of Lake Balaton) with a special program by the Richter Flórián Circus.

On Saturday, July 13, the circus will entertain with extraordinary performances and international award-winning artists.

Before the show, they are also preparing a special program: visitors will be able to watch the artists rehearsing and get an insight into how the circus animals are trained, writes the portal of the circus.


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