Free Family Friendly Programmes Aplenty at 'Palace of Arts' this Sunday

  • 21 May 2024 4:59 AM
Free Family Friendly Programmes Aplenty at 'Palace of Arts' this Sunday
The regular 'Müpa Junior' Sunday programme will grow to enormous dimensions on Sunday for Children's Day. With music and stories on three stages, both inside the iconic Budapest building and outside in the open air, there is a long list of creative and musical activities on offer for free.

All children and 'children at heart' are welcome who are looking to spend an active day with meaningful programmes, instead of the usual fare on Childrens Day in Hungary of cotton candy floss and amusement park rides - say the organisers.

Here's a list of all that's going on at the Palace of Arts AKA Müpa Budapest:

Music Stage Outside
(or in case of rain, in the Atrium) with amplified sound system
10 am Ritmuslabor
11 am Edina Lovászi
12 pm Lóci játszik
1 pm Kalimpa Band
2 pm Superar

Festival Theatre
with amplified sound system
12 pm Veresi Ballet: Cinderella - dance production

Storytelling & Dance Stage In The Atrium
(or in the event of rain, in the Festival space) with amplified sound system
10 am Kerekítő Tippentő led by Krisztina Benedek
11 am The Rabbit-Herd - interactive folk tale
12 pm The Salt - puppet show
1 pm Napra-Forgó dance house with the Pereputty ensemble
2 pm Mese-mese mátka, cirkusznak világa… - cirkuszi hétpróba (Nursery rhyme circus pentathlon)

All-Day Programmes:


Folk basket carousel
Storytelling grove
Folk song Commando
Dragon's Castle - a knightly pentathlon to rescue the princess (castle catapult, rope hoop, target throwing, nutcracker, rope maze)
Oven farmyard - how bread is made from grinding the flour to baking, with a draw well...
Heptathlon game - knowledge, courage and skill
Wheelchair obstacle course

- Wooden folk toys: corncob castle, hand mill, barrel racing, tandem ski, fishing, chicken slapper, role-playing paravans, bear horses, bog walk, hoop walk, memory board, balance beam, skittles, snail run, cheese labyrinth, rope pulling, bean bag toss, target throwing games (horseshoe throwing, peasant feeding, hoop throwing, bucket toss)
- Logic and board games: optical lenses, memory games, devil's locks, amoeba, jenga, towers of Hanoi, giant tangrams, snake cube, labyrinth, ball guide, lockbox, mill
- Empathy-building games: games that develop understanding by simulating the challenges facing people with physical, mental, visual and hearing disabilities
- Games of skill: wooden legs, snail race, summer skis, extra-mall, rocking-horse, ball trap, construction toys, potato gun, giant slingshot, blower, ball maze, tickers, bowl toss, swamwalkers, can toss, table hockey, hover board, spinners
- Baby island: mat walls, puppets, ball pit, crumbling, weigher, baby kitchen, skill and ability games

Creative activities
(in case of rain, in the Foyer)
fun with noise-makers, origami potted flower, textile bird, mandala, bracelet/necklace weaving, origami water lotus, spinning string toy, scented ball, modelling clay, textile tulip, crop dolls, hedgehog doll-making, making decorations for your door, bead-stringing, postcard-making, rope-making, animal shapes, pinwheels, ragdolls, sewing workshop, windchimes, painting, drum-making, flower arrangement, recycled items, set design workshop

(in case of rain, in the Glass Hall)
- Musical development activities:
Boomwhacker, Müpa delicacy, Glass tuner, Classroom cajón, Musical scales, Symphony
- Hands-on fun with musical instruments made from recycled materials: pumpkin lyre, tank drum, lapidary marimba, junk banjo, etc.
- Instrument making workshop - with master instrument maker Gábor Bodnár

Activities for young children in the 'Glass Hall'
(in case of rain, in the Staircase Hall) (for children aged 0-3 year)
Nursery rhymes
Clapping game
Slide projection corner
Puppet show
Drawing pictures
Hugging and singing

Admission to the event is free of charge.

1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1. 


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