Whiskynet Insight: The Storied Journey of Diplomático Rum - A Venezuelan Legacy

  • 4 Jun 2024 12:49 PM
Whiskynet Insight: The Storied Journey of Diplomático Rum - A Venezuelan Legacy
From Hacienda Saruro to Global Acclaim - The legacy of Diplomático Rum began over a century ago on the lush landscapes of Venezuela. In 1908, Hacienda Saruro was established for cultivating sugar cane and producing liquor.

This site, rich with tradition and fertile soil, is where Diplomático is crafted today.

Fast forward to 1959, when local family entrepreneurs joined forces with Seagram’s to create Licorerías Unidas S.A (LUSA), marking a significant step in the region's rum-making heritage.

Three decades later, in 1989, Diplomático rum was first created and launched in the local market, quickly becoming a beloved staple.

In 2002, four local families with a shared passion for rum acquired the distillery, renaming it Destilerías Unidas S.A. (DUSA).

This marked a pivotal moment for Diplomático, as the new ownership infused fresh energy and vision into the brand. Just two years later, in 2004, Diplomático began its journey beyond Venezuelan borders, exporting its exquisite rums to international markets.

The brand's exceptional quality and craftsmanship were soon recognized globally. In 2018, Diplomático was awarded Spirit Brand of the Year by Wine Enthusiast and was enjoyed in more than 100 markets worldwide.

By 2022, Diplomático had become the number one rum in the super premium and above segment globally, according to the IWSR (Total Rum Super Premium segment. Volume Sales 2021).

In 2023, the brand's growth trajectory continued as Diplomático Rum was acquired by Brown-Forman, a testament to its enduring appeal and quality.

Understanding Rum: A Brief Guide

In 2019, the European Union established regulations defining what constitutes rum within its borders. According to these guidelines, rum is a spirit drink produced exclusively by distillation of the product obtained by alcoholic fermentation of molasses, syrup, or sugar-cane juice.

Distilled at less than 96% vol., rum must have discernible specific organoleptic characteristics and an alcoholic strength by volume of at least 37.5%.

Additions of alcohol, flavors, or excessive sweetening are not permitted. Rum may only contain added caramel as a means of adjusting the colour.

Rum may be sweetened in order to round off the final taste. However, the final product may not contain more than 20 grams of sweetening products per litre, expressed as invert sugar.

Born in Venezuela, Finished in Panama

Commitment to Quality and Craftsmanship

Every drop of Diplomático rum originates in Venezuela, a country known for its ideal climate for growing sugar cane.

Nestled between the Andes Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela's high humidity and consistent weather conditions provide the perfect environment for cultivating sugar cane and accelerating the aging process of rum.

Diplomático's rum-making process is a blend of traditional and modern techniques, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors and aromas. The process begins with the finest locally sourced sugar cane, which is fermented using proprietary yeast to create rich and fruity aromatic compounds.

Distillation follows, using unique methods to produce a variety of spirit types.

To support its expansion, Diplomático has established a further aging, blending, and bottling facility in Panama.

This location mirrors Venezuela’s tropical conditions, ensuring the rum maintains its quality and character as it matures and is prepared for global distribution.

Aging takes place in tropical warehouses, where the rum absorbs flavors from oak casks that previously held spirits like bourbon, whisky, and sherry. This accelerated aging process, coupled with expert blending, creates the complex and rich flavors Diplomático is known for.

Don Juancho: The Face of Diplomático

The visual representation of Diplomático is Don Juancho, an icon inspired by the Mantuanos, Venezuelan noblemen of the 19th century known for their good taste and discernment.

These local ambassadors traveled widely, trading artisanal goods and championing their region, embodying the spirit of Diplomático.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Diplomático is deeply committed to sustainability. The distillery was the first in Latin America to receive the ISO 14001 certification in 2009, recognizing its environmental management efforts.

The brand’s sustainability program, "Distilled Consciously," focuses on protecting the environment and reducing food waste through collaborations with NGOs and community support programs.

The Diplomático Portfolio

Tradition Range:

Reserva Exclusiva: A world-renowned super premium sipping rum, known for its smoothness and balance. It features aromas of fruit cake, cocoa, and spices, with flavours of chocolate, toffee, and tropical fruits.

Selección de Familia: An elegant blend of distinctive family rum reserves, crafted for the discerning drinker.

Planas: An aged white rum with a fresh, smooth taste, ideal for classic cocktails.

Mantuano: A versatile blend perfect for mixing in flavourful long drinks or cocktails.

Prestige Range:

Ambassador: Crafted from the finest reserves and finished in sherry casks, this rum offers a luxurious sensory experience.

Single Vintage: Produced only during exceptional years, this ultra-premium rum is aged in ex-bourbon and ex-whiskey casks for at least 12 years.

Diplomático’s journey from a local Venezuelan distillery to a globally recognized brand is a testament to its quality, craftsmanship, and commitment to sustainability.

Each bottle reflects the rich heritage and dedication of its makers, offering a true taste of Venezuelan excellence to rum enthusiasts around the world.

Diplomático products can be purchased in the webshop of WhiskyNet.

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