Over 45,000 Children in Hungary Benefit from Kifli.hu's Free Fruit Initiative in a Landmark Health Nutrition Campaign

  • 6 Feb 2024 1:07 PM
Over 45,000 Children in Hungary Benefit from Kifli.hu's Free Fruit Initiative in a Landmark Health Nutrition Campaign
Kifli.hu, in celebration of its fourth anniversary, has made a significant impact in the community by delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to over 45,000 children across more than 400 kindergartens.

This initiative, part of a larger commitment to promoting healthy nutrition and access to quality food, aimed to instill the importance of healthy eating habits from an early age.

During a press conference marking its fourth year of operations, Gabriel Makki, Managing Director of Kifli.hu, unveiled the ambitious step to drive healthy nutrition of children. Between January 15th and 19th, kindergartens within Kifli.hu's delivery area were invited to apply for free fruit and vegetables supply. The campaign saw an overwhelming response, with customer service being contacted by more than a hundred kindergartens daily.

The initiative provided a variety of fresh produce including apples, clementines, baby carrots, and plum tomatoes, amounting to over 17 tons of apples and nearly 8 tons of clementines delivered.

The enthusiastic reception and gratitude expressed through thank-you notes, photos, and children's drawings underscored the campaign's success and the community's appreciation.

Gabriel Makki reflects on the initiative, "The positive feedback and the sheer volume of demand, which was tenfold what we anticipated, have reinforced our belief in the vital role of access to fresh, quality food in enhancing people's lives, especially our children.

This is just the beginning. We are committed to long-term support for kindergartens and schools by launching a program to provide them with fruits, vegetables, and bakery products on highly favorable terms. Our aim is to ensure that healthy snacks are within reach for every child, fostering a healthier next generation."

Kifli.hu's initiative not only brought joy and health to tenth of thousands of children but also set a precedent for corporate responsibility towards child nutrition.

The campaign's success has laid the groundwork for ongoing support, aiming to improve the quality and accessibility of healthy foods in educational institutions.

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