The World of Neurosurgery by Wáberer Medical Center Budapest

  • 7 Jun 2024 9:21 AM
The World of Neurosurgery by Wáberer Medical Center Budapest
Neurosurgery is a field which requires extraordinary precision and detail-oriented attention, which needs a complex way of thinking, like the nerve network itself that runs through our entire body and communicates with other organs and with the organ system.

The specialist at Wáberer Medical Center, Dr. Zoltán Rideg gives us insights of this special field of medicine.

What is the nervous system?

The central nervous system of our body is located in the brain and spinal cord, from which nerves run. Its network, like the vascular system, is a continuously branching system consisting of smaller and smaller units, which reminds us of the trunk and branches of a sprawling tree.

Neuromedicine and neurosurgery deal with the various pathological conditions of this system. The neurosurgeons at the Wáberer Medical Center specialize in related diseases and pathological conditions and offer patients the most modern solutions.

What are similar medical fields?

Neurosurgery works closely with other specialties such as neurology, traumatology, rheumatology and orthopedics. Neurosurgery cures diseases in many of the above-mentioned areas with conservative (non-surgical) and surgical procedures, while focusing on protecting the nervous system, restoring its functions and eliminating complaints.

What symptoms and diseases does a neurosurgeon deal with?

At Wáberer Medical Center our specialists treat not only the spinal cord and brain areas, but also the deviations affecting the meninges and bony-ligamentous systems covering them.

Thorough examinations - including neurological examinations and imaging studies - enable an accurate diagnosis and to determine the most appropriate conservative (non-surgical) or surgical treatment method.

There is a broad range of diseases treated. The following compiled list helps to make it transparent what kind of complaints and diseases are treated by this special field.

Spinal Origin Symptoms:

  • Waist, back or neck pain

  • Upper and lower limb pain and numbness

  • Weakness/paralysis of the muscles of the limbs

  • Stool and urinary retention problems

  • Walking distance reduction

  • Gait uncertainty

Cranial Origin Symptoms:

  • Headache

  • Memory problems

  • Cranial nerve and other abnormal nervous system symptoms

  • Dizziness

  • Muscle or limb paralysis

  • Nausea, vomiting

  • Facial nerve

  • Movement disorders

Variance Within the Skull:

  • Brain tumors

  • Cerebrospinal fluid expansion and cerebrospinal fluid circulation problems

  • Intracranial hemorrhages

  • Pathological deviations of cerebral vessels

  • Pressure variations of cranial nerves caused by blood vessels

At Wáberer Medical Center institution we offer modern diagnostic machines and high-level expertise through our specialists. If you suffer from nervous system problems, visit our medical center and trust our expertise and experience in the field.

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