See What Happened @ The Moroccan Handicraft & Cultural Fest in Budapest

The event showcased the diversity of the Moroccan culture, which included handicrafts presenting the creativity of artists, such as with pottery, copper, leather artefacts, jewelleries, wood, carpets, as well as embroidery, argan oil (world famous), clothing, henna and furniture…all available along with wonderful food and of course Moroccan tea.

This gave event guests a true a taste of Morocco, and I suggest getting yourselves over to this wonderful and relatively unknown magical country to enjoy more... Back in the Sixties the stars took Morocco to their hearts, and this event proved it can still capture imaginations these days too, as it does mine!

So you know, credit for this event goes to the Ministry of Tourism, Handicraft, Air transport and Social Economy, the Maison d’Artisan, the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Mayor's office of Budapest

Words and photos by Russell Skidmore for
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  • 18 Sep 2018
  • Russell Skidmore
  • 26 photos