Pre Whisky Show Reception At British Ambassador’s Residence In Budapest

Guests were treated to a super sample of some of the best malt whisky on show at the annual Whisky & Fine Spirits Show held at Budapest's Corinthia Hotel over the weekend.

Ambassador Lindsay made a friendly speech about his long-term love and support for whisky, as well as English gin, noting that the English whisky on show was very interesting, in a good way.

I was delighted to again host a pre Whisky Show reception, together with Whiskynet, to showcase some of the best malt whiskies and gins that the UK has to offer.  It was a pleasure to welcome so many Whisky Show participants from the UK,” HMA Lindsay told XpatLoop.

Zsolt Szigeti, the main man at Whiskynet, spoke about how the Whisky Show has grown over the last nine years, from an event just for friends to one that now captures the attention of thousands of event guests in Budapest.

Once upon a time fine whisky in Hungary was perhaps a drink certain gents developed a taste for later on in life, now it's attracting the admiration of the younger set and ladies too, as these photos prove. Slàinte!

Words & photos by Russell Skidmore for
After an extensive career in advertising as an Art Director & Creative Director in London, Paris and Budapest for leading agencies, he transferred the skills and knowledge gained to his own successful company covering wedding, event, PR & portrait photography. Visit his Facebook page here.

  • 29 Oct 2019
  • Russell Skidmore
  • 38 photos