Timur Csillik, Founder, CEO, Rendi.hu

  • 27 Mar 2018 4:55 PM
Timur Csillik, Founder, CEO, Rendi.hu
Timur finished his BA in business economics and management at Oxford Brookes University. During his studies he started an e-commerce shop which was focusing on imported goods. After his graduation Timur cofounded Nimbusmarket.com an international P2P delivery system.

Today he is in charge of Rendi.hu an online platform that connects households with reliable and vetted cleaners. He is also the founding partner of Datainsiders.hu which helps companies enhance their online user experience through business intelligence and data analysis.

Where did you grow up?

Since my birth I have been living in many different countries because of my parents’ international work. In my childhood I lived in Turkey, Ireland, Kazakhstan and Hungary

If you could be an expat anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
Silicon Valley

What would you miss most if you moved away from Hungary?
My family

Friends are in Budapest for a weekend - what must they absolutely see and do?
Go sightseeing (Citadella, castle, parliament, basilica , cruising on the Danube) , try Hungarian dishes and go partying.

What is your favourite food?
Anything which has meat in it!

What is your favourite sport / form of exercise?
Basketball and martial arts.

What is your favourite place in Hungary?

What career other than yours would you love to pursue?
Since my childhood I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur. I love what I do,  can’t really think of anything else.

What’s a job you would definitely never want?
Port-a-loo Toilet Cleaner

Where did you spend your last vacation?
I travelled around Japan for 2 weeks. We have a family tradition of travelling together once a year to really far places.

Where do you hope to spend your next one?
Iceland or a ship cruise.

What was your favourite band, film, or hobby as a teen?
The movie Warrior by Gabin O'Connor

Apart of temptation what can’t you resist?
Traveling to new places.

Red wine or white?
Red wine

Book or movie?
Depends on my mood. Lately I have been trying to read more. My current book is: Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built

Morning person or night person?
Night person. I get energized and come up with my best ideas in the evening.

Buda or Pest side?

What would you say is your personal motto?
Set high goals and do everything in order to reach them.

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