13. Falk Art Forum, Antique &Modern Art Festival, Budapest, 22 September

  • 20 Sep 2012 9:00 AM
13. Falk Art Forum, Antique &Modern Art Festival, Budapest, 22 September
On Saturday afternoon, 22 September, Falk Miksa street, the heart of the Antique Quarter of Pest will turn into a promenade for the thirteenth time. Gallery owners are preparing with a range of special events and many shops will extend their opening hours.

Located between Parliament and Margaret bridge, the famous antique row awaits you with spectacular exhibitions, stage performances and culinary delicacies! This biannual event makes a neighbourhood that attracts art collectors all year round accessible to a wider public.

See paintings, jewelry, furniture and more. Listen to the stories of experts and ask the gallery owners. Go to some of the best antique shops in town and look for hidden treasures.

You mean you don’t have an art collector’s budget to spend? No problem. All you need is a couple of hours and a couple of friends or family members. Coming on your own works also fine as several thousands of people share your interest of art – traditional and cutting-edge alike.

Just to raise your curiosity even more, here is a taste of the exhibitions and events on offer…

Ever seen the beautiful Art Nouveau building of the Museum of Applied Arts? Well, you can purchase some of its pretty Zsolnay porcelain tiles at Nagyházi’s charity auction.

Missionart, Prestige, Haas, and Biksády are galleries showing exciting pieces of modern art. If antiquities attract you more we suggest to visit Artcore for French art deco furniture, Moró to see Japanese sculpture or Wladis to find out the secrets of old musical instruments. Visitors will be treated to jazz music as well, on the streets and in the courtyards. Sounds appealing?

Come to the Information tent to find out more details! Our colleagues are ready to answer your questions in English. Moreover, if you go and tell them who Falk Miksa was they even may be willing to take you around for a short tour and tell you some more about the secrets of the street…

Open: 2 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Source: falkart.hu

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