Vintage Fair @ Szimpla Kert, 5 June


Vintage Fair @ Szimpla Kert, 5 June
On June 5, the Vintage Be-There will finally be held again! - this time in the spirit of reopening.

The 'Vintage Be-There!' it is more than a fair because, in addition to being a market for vintage and recycled clothing and accessories, it also wants to engage in the discourse on sustainable fashion and contribute to the wider popularity of buying second-hand clothes instead of highly polluting fast fashion.

Our goal is to create a community arena where, as a participant, you have the opportunity to meet vintage and sustainable fashion entrepreneurs, vendors, creators at the same time, whom you already know and reach separately, but have not yet had the opportunity to meet them together.
Place: Szimpla Kert
Address: 1072 Budapest, Dob u. 40.
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