Automobil & Tuning Show, Hungexpo, 27 - 29 August


Automobil & Tuning Show, Hungexpo, 27 - 29  August
AMTS is Hungary's main automotive event which has been created by the collaboration of 10 famous exhibitions and shows of the country. AMTS is for everyone, from the youngest folks to the most petrol head veterans.

Roll down to check which programs are waiting for you!. Next to many private builders from Hungary, we're inviting hundreds of Europe's most beautiful cars, collected by our team during the season.

AMTS has a special Show and Shine Award with more, than 80 prizes for both the professional exhibitors (indoor) and the amateur guests (outdoor) judged by professional tuners from Hungary and abroad!.
Place: Hungexpo
Address: 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai út 10.
Phone: (+36 1) 263 6000
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