Dávid Dabóczi Performance: Server, National Dance Theatre Budapest, 15 June


Dávid Dabóczi Performance: Server, National Dance Theatre Budapest, 15 June
Regardless of our circumstances, we seek the opportunity for socialisation throughout our lives. Today's technology has given us a range of tools that allow us to connect with friends in just a few minutes.

With a few clicks, we can “face” millions of people. We love it because it gives us the comfort of getting connected, but what will it take away from us? What are the consequences of living in an accelerated, digital world? What will happen if this abruptly ceases to exist?

The world has turnedover to a side that most people cannot yet handle properly and healthily. We are flooded with opportunities and, confused by the abundance, we are only willing to poke the surface of these opportunities, then we have to jump to the next one because it seems more colourful. We have become high-level practitioners of digital socialisation. Many times we already look at our electronic devices almost as a part of our body.

What will life come towhen we enter a modern era where personal, physical presence is completely devalued and disappears? As a result, we will be connected to a digital network, a server, where we, as flesh-and-blood human beings, will not be important, only the data that we provide will be valuable. What happens when we undress our finely tuned human qualities and get to the point of looking without seeing, to unconscious action?

What if this digital world disappeared? Could we make friends again? Would we dare to look each other in the eye? Could we hold each other's hands? Could we speak?
Place: National Dance Theatre Budapest
Address: 1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20.
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