Tantra Tango, ArtExtasia Budapest, 18 August


Tantra Tango, ArtExtasia Budapest, 18 August
When you hear his chords, and you straighten your back and take a deep breath? And your heart begins to pound and your feet begin to quiver? Ah, the Argentine tango!

Just as irresistible on any continent. Because it connects us with the vertical force of life, awakens our joy of living and makes us breathe freedom.

The similarities between the essence of this dance and the principles of an ancient sacred tradition have inspired a teaching method that is unique in the world - Tantra Tango.

An intensive, transformational practice that:
- teaches you easy steps, complicated steps, spectacular movements
- brings you to the point of inner stillness where you meet yourself and connect authentically with the other
- guides you to the lucid state of flow in which dancing becomes making love to music and to all that exists

The Tantra Tango method is based on 1+1=1. Always. Everywhere in the universe. Male and female dance and rediscover their wings, their completeness, their inner infinity.

If you wish to be reborn. To explore. To play. To laugh. To love. To share. To dare. To learn.

You're welcome to Tango Tantra Night where:
- men discover how to amplify the masculinity that fascinates women.
- women connect with their archetypal femininity and honor their sacred power of attraction
- dance, regardless of your level of knowledge, becomes meditation, revelation, communion
- the movement and bliss that tango immerses you in shows you what it means to be fully in the present.

The Tango Tantra evening is a door that opens to the soul. Do you want to step inside?

Contribution: 3000; for couples together 5000.
Registration in advance: +36 30 173 4696 / kapcsolat@artextasia.com
Place: ArtExtasia Budapest
Address: 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 95.
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