Opera: War & Peace, Opera House Budapest, 8 February


Opera: War & Peace, Opera House Budapest, 8 February
Opera in thirteen scenes, in two parts, in Russian with Hungarian and English subtitles

Prokofiev was inspired to compose a musical drama based on Leo Tolstoy’s colossal historical novel War and Peace by the invasion of Russia by Nazi Germany.

The Peace in the first half of the opera is a series of Prokofiev’s most beautiful and intimate tableaus, and it forms a strong contrast with the tsarist (or Soviet) scenes of the second, War part.

Prokofiev paints a masterful picture of the fight of the masses and the individual characters in it. He interweaves the plot into a gigantic tale of love and death.

The opera featuring 72 characters is adapted and produced by Catalan director Calixto in co-production with the Geneva Grand Théâtre.
Place: Opera House Budapest
Address: 1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 22.
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