Popular Markets In Budapest

  • 18 Mar 2010 1:00 AM
Popular Markets In Budapest
"Central Market Hall -- Strolling through Váci Street, we finally reach the ever-buzzing Budapest Central Market Hall with its incredible variety of quality foods. Encompassed within a building more than 100 years old, the market with its paprika garlands, strings of garlic, the fruits and vegetables. Typical Hungarian merchandise, for instance the world famous Tokaj Aszú, is to be found in the market.

Unicum is one of the top bitters spirits in the world. Its absolutely unique flavour derives from a secret blend of aromatic herbs. Apricot and plum brandies faithfully preserve the scent and flavour of the fruits they are distilled from. Whether marketed tinned or in an earthenware pot, Hungarian goose liver is excellent, and Herz and Pick salamis are similarly “Hungaricum” products! Daily from 10 am in the “Fakanál” restaurant: cooking class under the guidance of a master chef. Learn how to cook some of the most popular Hungarian dishes. An expert sommelier holds a wine tasting session and at the same time speaks about the most famous wines from the Hungarian wine regions.

Hold utca Market (V. Hold utca 13.) Like a jewel in the centre of Pest, quite close to the Parliament.

Rákóczi tér Market (VIII. Rákóczi tér 7-9.) More representative of everyday Budapest, rarely frequented by tourists.

Hunyadi tér Market (VI. Hunyadi tér) Dating from 1897, this is the only one that has not been renovated since the political changes in 1990. There is a good delicatessen.

Klauzál tér Market (VII. Klauzál tér) In the centre of the old Jewish Quarter.

Batthyány tér Market (I. Batthyány tér 5.) This, the only one in Buda, was lovingly restored in 2003. Upstairs are shops, a nice café and a fantastic view over one of the city’s finest squares and across the River Danube towards the Parliament."

Source: Budapest Tourism Office

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