Catering On The Hungarian Railways Exhibition

  • 15 Nov 2010 12:00 AM
Catering On The Hungarian Railways Exhibition
"Though one of the biggest and most famous Hungarian railway-catering company has rearranged throughout the years, it still exists and celebrates its 60th birthday.

Honestly, how could we forget those blue logos on the railway stations of Lake Balaton or the rattling sound of the vendor’s cart’s wheels? We also save the memory of the sight of the sandwiches, wrapped in cellophane, the chocolates and the warm, lemon flavored sodas for sure.

On the other hand, we do remember the nice dining cars, set up with Herendi porcelain plates, the well-dressed conductors in the sleeping-cars, hydrofoil and Formula-1, New Year’s Eve and weddings, foie gras and champagne….

As our honored guest would you like a bite from our Hungarian bittersweet youth?"

Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism
Address of location: 1051 Budapest, V. kerület, Szent István tér 15.
Organiser´s tel.: 1/212-12145

Exhibition is shown until 31 December 2010."


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