Invitation: Linedance & Country Festival Budapest, 23 February

  • 21 Feb 2013 10:50 AM
Invitation: Linedance & Country Festival Budapest, 23 February
Once upon a time... there is going to be a Country party.... Beyond the distant mountains and valleys, but on this side of the seven seas…where stockriders begin to dance...where cowgirls pull on boots only to be trendy...where the howling of the coyote is too far to be heard ... yet where everyone's heart start to pound when they hear tunes of country music... In the great village of Hungarian western and country linedance a grand event is about to take place.

True to long established traditions, the organizers have chosen the "Lamp factory's" wooden floored great hall. The date is as usual: the last Saturday of February -exactly 110 years after the Great Train Robbery- in 2013.

Guests and participants from many countries are expected to attend as well as Hungarian linedance teams and clubs, stallholders and boot-owners...

The old and the young of Hungarian country-world will all be present: grandchildren and granddads, brother-in-laws and mates, friends and foes- all the people who have been preparing for the big day for months!

The program includes linedance shows, performances of various acoustic and country bands and of course the opportunity of wearing out those boots collectively!

In order to enter this realm you don't need to pay any customs duty or imperial tax, nor must you apply for royal permission...All you have to do is bring HUF 3500 in cash!

You may leave your coat, mantle or cloak in the cloakroom, your horse, carriage or car in an area called parking lot!
All the performing artists and showmen may change their outfits to costumes in private boudoirs!

So everyone is welcome at 12:00 on 23 February 2013, in the fourth district of Budapest, i.e. in Újpest, in the Tungsram Sports Hall.

Address: 1044 Budapest, Váci út 77.


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