VOLT Festival Hungary Program Is Complete - Starts On 3 July

  • 28 Jun 2013 9:00 AM
VOLT Festival Hungary Program Is Complete - Starts On 3 July
Only three weeks before the 21st VOLT Festival, the organizers revealed the program of 10 new venues. Such venues will enrich the time at VOLT as a wine festival, gastronomic experiences, talkfests, presentations, new music venues, amusement park, fine art studio and for the first time a theater. Thanks to the main sponsor, we can enter festival on a giants slide. Telekom also sponsors the live broadcast of the concerts on the Main Stage by Ustream. Early bird tickets are available until 16th June.

The most lovable festival of Hungary, VOLT Festival in Sopron, has been receiving an unprecedented attention. Zoltán Fülöp, one of the main organizers of the festival said: ‘We have every chance to welcome a record number of visitors this year’s VOLT.’

Norbert Lobenwein, also main organizer and co-founder added: ‘According to the feedback we received so far, the interest towards VOLT increased significantly, which can be accounted for the charm of the host city, but mainly because of this year’s colorful programs and line-up.’

In 2013, VOLT will host 30 international all-stars such as Thirty Seconds To Mars, Hurts, Queen of the Stone Age, Example, Knife Party or Martin Solveig. After a five year hiatus the well-known Hungarian band Emil Rulez! comes back for one more concert and Punnany Massif will give a huge ‘house party’ to celebrate their 10th birthday on Day 0. Also breaking news: Ustream.tv will live broadcast the concerts on Telekom Main Stage all over the world!

Punnany Birthday on Day 0

For many years now, VOLT traditionally welcomes its visitors on Day 0 (Tuesday) with a special program. In 2013, Day 0 will evolve around the 10th birthday of Hungarian band Punnany Massif. Hungary’s most popular production will start the celebration at 6.30 pm on the OTP Bank – Petőfi Radio stage.

They will share the stage and the celebration with such Hungarian guest stars as Hősök, Irie Maffia, Carbonfools, AkkezdetPhiai, Mary Popkids, Eszti Takáts, Pszicho Mutáns, Drum and DJ, Funktasztikus and Halott Pénz & Köztársaság Bandája. The stand-up comedian, Ádám Kiss will be the host and Tesco Disco will finish the show later at night. As a surprise, for the delight of many, at 5 pm Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra opens VOLT and ‘welcomes’ Punnany.

Theater at VOLT

Thanks to the National Cultural Fund, the Hungarian Theatric Society, can bring again the world of theaters to VOLT. In the morning, there will be program for the smallest festival fans with logical games, handicraft workshops and an exciting play house. For the afternoon, the organizers have dance lessons and chess duels in store for us. During the night they entertain the audience with musicals and dance shows.

A theatre group from Békéscsaba and the ExperiDance group will tell us about the life of Frank Sinatra in the musical called The Voice during the night. The audience can also attend the international production of GG Tánc Eger, the Táncfantáziák, also TÁP Theater’s play, Jövedelmező állás and the performance of Manna Produkció, Nyuszihopp-hopp.

Diákhitel Kávézó

The Diákhitel Kávézó is also a new venue at VOLT, where the visitors can listen to almost 30 lectures in a calm, relaxed environment. During the nights this venue will intentionally not be about dance and sound volume. If you long for some peace and quiet and a good talk, this is your place! The guarantee for a perfect atmosphere will be the Cökxpon Ambient team.

Telekom Robot VOLT Art Workshop

In the year 2013, the domestic contemporary visual artists, István ef.Zámbó, András Wahorn, Ede Sinkovics, Nóra Sóos, Márton Győri, Éva Magyarósi, Ottó Szabó and Márton Tóth will venture into the world of robots. They can let their imagination go free and make their own robot creatures during the festival. Kinetic statues, paintings, various installations and performances will await the adventurers. We can witness the process of creation day-by-day from the first moment on Day 0. We can get familiar with the tools and the artists themselves. The creations will be put to a charity auction by Telekom and VOLT.

Naturally, the audience is also welcome to create. During ‘Robot yourself!’ workshops the artists will take part as well and guide the creative process. The 1000 boxes on the scene will be the building material for the works of art, from which the artist will vote daily for the one they liked most. Meeting every day at noon!

HetiVálasz Winefestival

There is always a nice atmosphere around HetiVálasz Winefestival venue, where the most prestigious wineries of Sopron wine region are gathering, such as the Bacskay Winery, the Kocsis Winery, the Winelife Winery, the Fényes Winery, the Hermann Winery, the Roll Winery, the Sterlik Winery, the Taschner Wine and Champagne House, the Vincellér, the Lővér Winery, the Ferenczy Winery, a Luka Winery, the Otto Cellar and the Gangl Winery. Attila Putz and Mihály Major will host ‘It’s the wine talking’ where oenologists, musicians and well-known public figures will make an appearance.
Meanwhile, at the HetiVálasz Wine Festival stage a variety of programs will take place. Among the performers are Sena, Balázs Szabó’s Band, Gigi Radics, Mariann Falusi, the Ocho Macho, ByeAlex, Mrs Columbo, the Roy & Adam Trio, Zita Gereben. Also, Janó Horváth and the Hahó Band will play for the children.


Right from Day 0, VOLT Klub invites the festival-goers to an attractive program in the very center of the festival sight. On Day 0 night Sopron’s most popular band, Too Late will play, then a daily Random Trip waits for the audience with Juli Fábián, Tibi Kiss and Punnany Massif on stage. At night professional ‘house-party bands’ will finish the diverse program of the day!

Telekom Terasz

The other central point of VOLT, Telekom Terasz ensures a fascinating milieu for the popular artists of electronic music and the audience. The team of Bladerunnaz will delegate L.A.S., Chris.Su, Statik and a whole night of party for the fans of Karányi, Zoohacker, Tesco Disco, Kollektiva and Depeche Mode.


Not only Jägermeister, but JägerBar is also a new ‘act’ at VOLT Festival. Numerous DJs and karaoke-programs give a promising prospect for the new music bar.

Funpark gathers extreme amusements at VOLT: bungee jumping, catapult, last year’s Magic Tower and many other craziness for the adrenaline lovers.

Arrive on the giant slide to the festival

Again, the main sponsor of VOLT Festival is going to be Telekom, bringing the visitors colorful experiences that are worth sharing. Last year’s Magent Slide will give the initial for the festivities. Telekom Main Stage will present the big names of the domestic and international music scene.

Unlike before, this year even those can join the party who are far away from Sopron, as Telekom in cooperation with Ustream.tv will broadcast live the concerts on the Main Stage. The well-known Telekom Terasz will be recreational oasis with fresh rhythms and free internet, while the Telekom VOLT app will guide you on the sight. Thanks to the company we can not only pay with Pay Pass card but with experiences too for certain products.

Those who share their festival experiences on the Instagram app can buy cocktails and festival accessories with the points they collect. During the festival, Telekom’s Hello Tomorrow! robot is going to be created from the visitors’ old mobile phones at the Robot workshop, where contemporary visual artists and the audience can create works of art together.

More information and tickets: www.voltfest.com

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