Xpat Review: Four Tigers Chinese Market In Budapest

  • 21 Jun 2013 9:00 AM
Xpat Review: Four Tigers Chinese Market In Budapest
This is one of the oldest and biggest Chinese Markets in Budapest, remaining its traditional form from the 80’s. Although the founders of the market are Chinese, more and more other Asian communities have joined in at this cheap shopping haven in Hungary, namely Thai; Vietnamese and Chinese dominate.

The Four Tigers market has six entrances, worth knowing is that the first and the sixth doors are at the entrance to the main parking lot, and the back of the 3rd entrance is where most of the authentic Asian fast food stands are located.

This market began with relatively ‘small’ communities of Asian expats in Hungary bringing goods of Eastern origin from their home country, or from neighboring countries, to sell at low prices. These goods range from clothing to household products, to batteries and kitchen ware.

After the economic depression in 2008, the business volume of the market slightly dropped, yet the markets continues on with its lively atmosphere, getting busier during weekends. Not only Hungarians but also folks from this region travel to Four Tigers in search of Asian made bargains.

From 2010, some people started questioning the ‘life expectancy’ of this market, wondering what will happen to all those working there if it closed done as it was rumored, however there has never been any official information issues about its closure. Besides a modification of the 1st entrance, closing that part of the market to make room for parking, there had been no changes to the market in literally decades.

It’s well worth a visit if only to soak up the Asian feeling that comes with the long lines of stalls staffed by a whole range of ethnic groups, today including Hungarians hired by now wealthy Chinese business owners who have made Hungary their home. The authentic food stalls mentioned earlier is another reason expats visit, and also to buy fresh ingredients for cooking up Asian style dishes at home.

Getting there: The market starts from the meeting point of Hungária krt and Kőbányai út so there are 3 trams that will take you right to the place, #28, #62 running from Blaha and #1 running through Hungária krt.

Words by ShuanDan Lin for XpatLoop.com

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