Invitation: Főzdefeszt - Craft-Beer Festival, Budapest, 6 - 8 September

  • 8 Sep 2013 6:02 AM
Invitation: Főzdefeszt  - Craft-Beer Festival, Budapest, 6 - 8 September
This fall, Főzdefeszt brings the best of Hungarian craft-brewing together for the sixth time. We are presenting more than 20 Hungarian breweries and quite a few Czech, Belgian, German and English beers. From Friday noon to Sunday midnight you can taste more then 150 beers from a dozen of styles and vote for the one you liked the best.

Planet of the Hops is a celebration of globalized hop-taste and aimes to direct attention of beer-drinkers to the wonderful possibilities lying in New World hops, and a renewed interest in modern Europen hops as well. White Shadow – a Hungarian white IPA brewed at Kaltenecker, Rosnau – features the most interesting new hop of Germany – Mandarina Bavaria.

We are witnessing a huge upsurge of guerilla-brewing, as the first wave of new-style brewers began to gain popularity. You can taste the best seven gureilla-brews at Élesztő, the multitap bar of Tűzoltó street, runing 17 taps of Hungarian craft-brews, running a stand at Mikszáth Kálmén tér for the fest. White Shadow will be tapped by Léhűtő the chickest craft-beer bar in Gozsdu-udvar, running a stand on Szabó Ervin square for the the three days of the festival.

We house more than a dozen of beer-premiers, watch out for Jubileum 20 by Domján Brewery, or Elixir 17 by Gyertyános. Do not miss to try the new Okotberfest beer from Fóti Brewery, and have a síp of the most exclusive beer of the Carpathian Basin – B27 from Kaltenceker, Rosnau – a barley wine brewed with pine sprouts aged in a Tokaji Aszú barrel.

Watch out for the emerging fashion for spice and herb beers at Zappa Caffé, where Kissler’s beers will be on tap. And if you are into the easygoing fruit-lager scene, do not miss Legenda’s truck tapping seven types of fruitbeers. If you can only taste two beers, taste Hopfanatic’s Coconut California Pale Ale, and armando_otchoa’s Gribanc – the fmaous Grabanc IPA dry-raspberried with a lot of raspberry!

Come and join our craft-beer revolution!

06. 09. – 08. 09, 2013
Budapest, VIII. Palotanegyed, Mikszáth Kálmán tér – Szabó Ervin tér


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