Tram Line 1 Track Refurbishment Starts In Budapest

  • 2 Oct 2013 8:00 AM
Tram Line 1 Track Refurbishment Starts In Budapest
Track refurbishment on tram line 1 begins on Saturday, 28 September 2013. The first phase of the more than two-year-long development project concerns the section of the tram route between Bécsi út and Lehel utca, and involves the modernisation of stops and the upgrade of the power supply and signalling systems.

During the first part of the refurbishment works to last until the middle of December, replacement buses will be in service: 1V will operate between Bécsi út and Lehel utca; 101V between Óbuda, Bogdáni út and Lehel utca while trams 1 and 1A will run only to Lehel utca coming from the direction of Közvágóhíd H suburban railway terminus and Népliget M metro station, respectively.

The schedules of connecting public transport lines in Óbuda and Angyalföld will change and also road transport will be affected on Róbert Károly körút, as follows.

Public transport service changes on Róbert Károly körút and its area

Tram service

Starting from 28 September 2013 until mid-December, trams 1 and 1A run on shortened routes.

Tram 1: between Közvágóhíd H and Lehel utca
Tram 1A: between Népliget M and Lehel utca

Trams will be using a temporary terminus at Lehel utca to turn around on the opposite side of the current tram stop: the passenger platforms will be located ahead of the intersection of Lehel utca, facing the furniture store. The temporary terminus can be approached from both sides of Róbert Károly körút via pedestrian crossings at the Lehel utca intersection, where also the replacement bus stops will be located.

Regular schedules apply on the shortened routes of trams 1 and 1A.

Replacement bus service

Two replacement bus lines will be operating: buses 1V and 101V.

Going from Pest to Buda both bus 1V and 101V serve the Szentlélek tér stop.

However, when going from Buda to Pest, only bus 101V stops at Szentlélek tér due to traffic engineering conditions of Árpád híd, bus 1V does not. From the direction of Vörösvári út passengers may take buses 137, 218 or 237 to reach Szentlélek tér.

Fare information

When transferring between replacement buses and trams, already validated single tickets (also of those within a block of 10 tickets) are valid for onward travel, but the other end of the ticket (the end without a number grid) needs to be stamped or punched with the validating machines, in the case of tickets from a block, the individual tickets have to be torn out to do this. Transfer tickets have number grids at both ends; therefore no revalidation is needed at the other end.

Source: BKK

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