Xpat Opinion: Dating In Hungary

  • 13 Feb 2014 8:00 AM
Xpat Opinion: Dating In Hungary
Valentine's Day is quickly looming and once again hoards of hopeless romantics are left with the dilemma of how to best woo their loved ones. So for all you Hungarian heartthrobs out there, here are but a few of the country's most romantic and indulgent hotspots. Forget about a dozen roses, these are sure fire ways to win the heart of your Valentine!

Restaurants and cafes

For centuries Hungary has played host to a variety of esteemed writers, painters, philosophers and poets within its wide array of cafes and restaurants. These havens of cultural heritage remain vibrant today and provide an ideal setting for a perfect Valentine's day experience.

Valentine's Day is a time honoured tradition, so why not celebrate it in a historic landscape? At the foot of Castle Hill in Budapest, Aranyszarvas is an 18th century inn, rich in historical elegance and fine dining delicacies.

Also located around this castle area, Alabárdos is situated just in front of Matthias Church, creating an immensely romantic ambience. Its historic menu and traditional interior combine for a wonderfully indulgent experience.

Alternatively, if you prefer a caffeine infused romance, you can relax within the romantic Ruszwurm cafe, Budapest's oldest cafe in the Castle Hill district. Open since 1824, the Ruszwurm is famous for its luxury confectionery. These romantic treats are so renowned that couriers were once sent from Vienna to fetch these delectable delights. Much better than any heart shaped box of chocolates by far!

However, if you prefer a more musical experience, Café Művész is situated opposite the Opera House; enthusing the cafe with a sense of grandeur and opulence. This ambience is only further heightened by the cafe's luxurious marble table tops and crystal chandeliers which exude an old-world grandeur, and transport you back to a classical romantic era.

Romantic getaways

Hungary's rich cultural atmosphere and idyllic landscape make it a perfect location for romantic getaways to suit any couple. Valentine's Day is a day of indulgence and romance, so why not spread it out for a few days at one of these time-honoured resorts?

For any nature lovers, or urbanites wishing to get back in touch with the outdoors, visit the Mátra Nature Reserve which features some of the tallest hills in Hungary and equally breathtaking views. You and your loved one can marvel at the Kékes hilltop which is situated at the peak of the country. Whilst here, you can indulge at the luxurious Palace Hotel Sasvár.

The hotel has an extensive online site through which you can tailor your trip according to your preferences. These social media capabilities, as highlighted by Premier Choice Internet, enable you to effortlessly interact with your chosen resort and thereby create the romantic getaway of your dreams! What's more, once you are familiarized with your resort, you can explore the neighbouring towns of Parád and Mátraháza for a unique cultural adventure.

For the more intrepid and adventurous couple, visit the Palace Hotel of Lillafüred. This hotel is situated amidst a truly vibrant natural region where you can explore the wealth of activities the Bükk Hills have to offer.

Discover the awe-inspiring St. Stephen Dripstone Cave and the unique Cave Bath in Miskolc-Tapolca, as well as the immersive forest train and the thrilling Lake Hómori boating experience. Moreover, after an adventure packed day, you can rest your feet and indulge your senses at the traditional Tópart Restaurant. What more could you want?

Hungary is renowned for its eminently relaxing spa facilities, and the Fabulous Shiraz Hotel lives up to this esteemed reputation. You can treat yourself and your loved one to a plethora of private baths as well as oriental relaxation massages. This location is perfect if you are seeking a combination of historical exploration and relaxing indulgence.

With a wealth of different possibilities on offer, Hungary provides an idyllic backdrop to any Valentine's Day experience. Whether it's a cup of coffee, a candlelit dinner, or a romantic getaway in the hills, you can create an immensely romantic experience for you and your Valentine in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Boldog Bálint Napot!

Words by Bradley Taylor for XpatLoop.com.

Bradley is a freelance writer from Derby, England,  a motoring enthusiast who loves writing about cars and everything automotive but he is versatile and he also writes across a variety of other topics.
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