Summer + Hungary = Balaton – The Best Beaches Around The “Hungarian Sea”

  • 31 Jul 2014 9:55 AM
Summer + Hungary = Balaton – The Best Beaches Around The “Hungarian Sea”
For the Hungarian people, the main touristic destination traditionally is the biggest lake of the country, the Lake Balaton, or in its popular name, the “Hungarian Sea”. Nowadays, it’s not only the inland tourism’s main attraction, but it is the second most popular destination for the foreign tourists after Budapest, the capital city of Hungary.

In this article series, we share loads of useful and interesting information about this wonderful Hungarian landscape, which must be seen by everybody, who visits Hungary.

The list of the best Balaton beaches – the Kék Hullám Zászló (Blue Wave Flag) award.

The organization called Balatoni Szövetség (Balaton Association) (involving other governmental and civil organizations) metes the Kék Hullám Zászló (Blue Wave Flag) awards for the best Balaton beaches annually. The rating system bases on Western-European samples, which is the guarantee for the visitors that they can have resort to the best services on these spots.

The award winner beaches must match these technicalities:

- good water quality
- clean shore
- the waste collection is adequate
- the number and quality of the showers and toilets are adequate
- the beach is safe for the children
- information about the water quality for the tourists is adequate
- the facilities and the water are clearly reachable for the disabled
- sporting, eating and amusement options
- the lifeguard service is adequate
- the first aid places are adequate
- the availability of the lifeguards are adequate

2013 is the 11th occasion when this award is handed; the beaches are awarded by one, two, or three stars depending on the list above.

The list of the best quality, three star beaches is the following. If you have the opportunity visit these high quality Balaton beaches!

Keszthely Városi Strand (Keszthely City Beach)
Gyenesdiás Játék Strand (Gyenesdiás Play Beach)
Vonyarcvashegy Lidó Strand (Vonyarcvashegy Lidó Beach)
Balatongyörök Strand (Balatongyörök Beach)
Balatonfüred Eszterházy Strand (Balatonfüred Eszterházy Beach)
Csopak Strand (Csopak Beach)
Alsóörs Strand (Alsóörs Beach)



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