Cinetrip Future Disco 2014 Summer Edition, Budapest, 9 August

  • 4 Aug 2014 9:01 AM
Cinetrip Future Disco 2014 Summer Edition, Budapest, 9 August
The world-famous bath party is back to Széchenyi for an end-of-year and birthday celebration, Cinetrip Future Disco Winter Edition, with mind-blowing visuals you’ll only see in the future. Surprise yourself with liquid extravaganza, soothe your body and soul with this combination of fun and health right before new year’s eve!

Don’t know what the future holds? The mid-summer celebration of the world-famous bath sparty series, Cinetrip Future Disco 2014 Summer Edition, is ready to visualize it for you. Surprise yourself with liquid extravaganza, soothe your body and soul with this combination of fun and health right before the big festivals!

The ingredients of your mental mid-summer galactic recreation will be: healthy thermal water, cosmic smoke particles, laser beams, interstellar visuals, extraordinary performances – and speial DJ sets to float and dance to. Imagine yourself spartying outdoors, in the 37 degrees Celsius water, relaxing to above- and underwater massage beams of the theme pool, with liquid, edible, visual and audible goodies all around.

OK, as usual, we’ve got used to it, you can say. You want even more attractions? You will meet with the coolest water installation ever, with a video mapping on it, created by the world famous Bordos Artwork. Besides this, the most innovative, advanced LED visuals will be made by the international VJ team – Viktor Vicsek, Ivo 3D and VJ Spetto.

So why wouldn’t you be there? "Because I’ve grown out of such things” – to go before this, a word of advice for older generations: your age can never be an excuse to miss this extravagant, 21st century bath party!

Cinetrip the Party Brand was founded in 1998, to unite ancient with the modern in the confines of audio-visual sparties in select Budapest baths. The original Rudas Baths parties have been transformed during the years, to become regular hot-weather Szecska, and cold-weather Magic Bath late nite tune spas, with two special-edition Cinetrip sparties anually: one in the summer, the other in the winter. The forthcoming 2014 Summer Edition of the Future Disco theme will be the hot-version of the intergalactic trip!

Prepare your space-kit, and don't forget your towel!

Ticket info:
Entry: 15.000 HUF / 50 Euros
Tickets in advance: Café Hütte (in the middle of Szabadság tér)

Online tickets

(Check the range of online tickets - Normal, Group, Duo xPress, Duo xPress Plus, and Single Premium – with the last ones including INSTANT ACCESS to avoid queues)
Tickets will be available on the door as well.
All tickets include insurance! Find details online (or at the local doctor’s, just in case)

Széchenyi Baths
Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11.

How to get there:
Take underground No.1. (the yellow line) to the stop of the same name.

Further info:

Please note: There are two special systems in operation, which you should bear in mind: Metapay card, a cashless payment system is in use during the sparties, which is the only means of payment at the bars. Check the details on the Sparty websites. Entry and exit, as well as the use of lockers is controlled by proxy watches, which you also get at the entrance. Please read the rules regarding their use, too.

Sparties take place in historic monuments, so it is very important that everyone takes care of the buildings – inside and outside. Vandalism will not be tolerated. The Code of conduct at the sparties can be read on the back of printed tickets and Sparty’s websites, too.

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