WAMP x 3 In August, Starting Sunday 9th

  • 6 Aug 2015 9:00 AM
WAMP x 3 In August, Starting Sunday 9th
Those who regularly follow the news of the most popular Hungarian design fair should not be surprised that WAMP will be present at two locations in the last month of the summer, downtown at Erzsébet square and also at Sziget Festival. This year however you have one more extra chance to check out your favorite designers even at a third, very special occasion at the last Sunday before schooltime.

WAMP Design Fair – 9 August, Erzsébet square 11 am – 7 pm
WAMP at Sziget Festival – 10-17. August Hajógyári sziget/Design Zone
The Day of Markets (Piacok napja) – 30 August Erzsébet square 11 am – 6 pm

WAMP at Erzsébet square

WAMP presents the latest works of nearly hundred designers each moth in the heart of Budapest, and it offers a wide range of products of different styles, character and artistic concepts. Among the exhibitors there are more and more designers who regard environmental protection, recycling and responsible thinking as a very important aspect of their work.

To them belongs the brand Rikov that offers real unique garments for which they use a special eco print technique that is a lot more gentle to the environment. Designer team Reborn creates bags and other functional products out of old safety belts which would be otherwise thrown out, yet they are still strong and with some expertise can be completely renewed. Mimi’s books and crafts makes beautifully covered note books from old vintage papers, magazines and flyers, and also the pages are from high quality recycled paper. Designer, Károly Szász favors antique objects too; he creates distinctive, peculiar jewelry out of broken porcelain pieces.

The Designer of the Month in August is CAMOU

The richly decorated dresses with pictures of cityscapes, urban facades, woods, meadows, rivers or other motifs of nature are supposed to work as urban camouflage yet their wearer will surely catch everyone’s attention. The CAMOU style can be easily and immediately recognized through its characteristic patterns. The prints are always based on the designer’s own photos, and the wide ranges of leisure streetwear pieces are accompanied with supercool printed leather bags too. The “protective” urban fashion brand is both for women and men, and enhances functionality just as much as style and design.

WAMP at Sziget Festival

WAMP has been part of the biggest Hungarian festival for many years by now. This year it will take place at Design Zone, the brand new area of Sziget, where a wide range of products of more than twenty designers will be offered to the visitors of the festival republic. ArtonMe, Bosis, erikataylor and Pamut Apparel will bring dresses perfect for parties and Cydonia Vintage will present fine vintage clothes. For jewelry festival goers should check out the brands of Mabeutyk, RedAster, Eszter Schall and Vadjutka, and for bags the stalls of Bella Nautica, EOSinE and Pankotai.

For those who prefer comfortable outfit the brand Talpra Magyar offers flip-flops decorated with the motifs of the Hungarian folklore but everyone who is looking for souvenirs should look around here. The products of Bakelit Art, Citygraph, Tomas Bohusek, Judyposter, Urban Sidewalker, the furniture of Fészek Részek or the dolls and accessories of Manka that are fine presents even for adults can raise the interest of both the international and the Hungarian audience.

WAMP at The Day of Markets (Piacok Napja)

30 August at Erzsébet square The Day of Markets will be organized for the second time after last year’s success. The event is initiated by the trust Nem Adom Fel (Don’t Give Up) that furthers the social integration of people with disabilities. Beyond WAMP, Gardrób Közösségi Vásár (Gardrób, Community Market), Segítő Vásárlás (Buy to help) program, Antik Placc antique market and the Nagy Budapesti KultúrZsibi flea market will be present. The goal of the event is to facilitate direct personal connections that are based on real life community experience and to provide an alternative consumption model for city dwellers.

The Day of Markets is part of the program serial “Kezdjetek Szeretni” (Start to Love) which aim is to strengthen human connections, and to raise more attention to people with disabilities. In cooperation with the Segítő vásárlás (Buy to help) program there will be some exhibitors and NGO’s at the event who will sell handmade products created by disabled people.

More information at: www.wamp.hu

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