We Hear You - Stereo Akt @ Sziget Festival Budapest

  • 10 Aug 2015 2:30 AM
We Hear You - Stereo Akt @ Sziget Festival Budapest
Interactive documentary performance about European cultures of complaining. Co-production of STEREO Akt (HU) and SPACE (NL) Supporters: Sziget, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Füge Production 12-16 August – Festival version at Sziget, Theatre and Dance Venue. The creative process will result in a performance at Trafó, on 23/24 October.

How does a sweeper complain? And how does a teacher do it? What makes a Dutch lawyer anxious? How about a Hungarian student or a Polish politician? How do they try to get rid of anxiety and frustration? What is the procedure to make an official complaint? How do you organize a protest? How can you raise your voice to be heard?

A Dutch, a Hungarian and a Polish artist set out for a Pan-European tour with a complaint-taxi, a special rickshaw. In the first station of their international artistic action they address the mass of Sziget Festival. Their rickshaw is a mixture of a mobile modern-age confessional and a moving complaint-office.

In the first phase of the action the take passers-by on a short tour, ask about their personal issues or revolutionary thoughts. Everyone can be one of the lucky ones whose grievance will be heard.

The second part of the action is a community event, the caravan-piece becomes an exhibition in the course of which we pick from the freshest local collection of complaints to air the society’s laundry with the active participation of the audience.

The final act is a collectively created extraordinary public space action, which has never been seen before. So we can stand up for better football, for the rights of dogs, for better weather or public security or against discrimination and racism, against illness, fear and sadness. The very case chosen by mutual decision of all participants will be the flagship case of that night. If we manage to have an agreement on one common case.

Through this multi-level action we seek for the answers to how to use the power of the community and how to transform from passive victims into active protagonists of our lives.

Source: stereoakt.HU

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