9 Romantic Hideaways In Hungary

  • 24 Mar 2016 8:00 AM
9 Romantic Hideaways In Hungary
A cottage in the middle of a flower garden in a small village, a Provence style intimate lodge at the stem of the vine-lands and a shack at the edge of the forest that makes you feel like you’re in the British countryside.

Hungary is full of charming accommodations where you can hide away from the world. Travelo.hu collected nine of these. When you dream of romantic accommodations like an enchanting cottage in the middle of the lavender field or a cosy hideaway in the forest with pastel shutters, then you probably think of classic, postcard-like landscapes such as Provence or Tuscany.

However, you can also find very neat and stylish, friendly, romantic and Instagram compatible cottages in Hungary. You just don’t know about them.

“I do this whole thing to make people happy” says Tímea Kádár, the owner of szallasmaskepp.hu, which is a website that focuses on special, extraordinary accommodations. Hopefully Tímea’s tips for romantic hideaways will make you smile.


Megyer is one of the smallest villages in Hungary, filled with flower gardens, endless peace and surrounded by forests and junipers. It’s a perfect place to hide away from the bustling of the world. If you really get romantic and decide to have your wedding here you can basically rent the whole village, but, of course, renting only one rustic cottage is just as great. When it comes to programmes, you can visit the Jeli arboretum which is only 30 kilometres away and is famous for its colourful rhododendrons, or visit the Castle of Sümeg which is only 12 kilometres away.


“Charles Dickens’ offspring has been living in Csákberény for years and she turned onetime vineyard cottages into Provence style romantic cottages with an impeccable interior decorator’s sense.

In Catherine’s Vineyard Cottages you find fireplaces with terraces in front that are hidden away from curious eyes. You can even ask for breakfast, which is made of local ingredients and is served in small baskets” told Tímea. If you have the heart to leave this place, then you should probably go on a hike in the neighborhood. For instance, visit the Castle of Csókakő on one of the rocks of the Vértes Mountains.

The castle is one of those few that weren’t destroyed by the Turks or the Habsburgs; you just simply see the marks of centuries on the walls. If you’d fancy a taste of baronial magnificence, then visit the Castle of Fehérvárcsurgó.


According to Tímea, water polo player Miklós Gór-Nagy and his wife, Klári, decided to carry out the style in Hungary that they saw on their trip to the British countryside. The Noszvaj 981 is the last house of the place, at the edge of the forest. That is where they have their vintage style romantic shack. Visitors of the shack get the keys and then they can close the door on themselves. However, if you want to go out then you could go sightseeing in Eger or to thermal baths in Egerszalók or Demjén.


This place can be found in Cserhát with many lovely rustic cottages that have been renovated. Some of them are decorated in the theme of pear, some in the theme of lavender. The Prónay Castle is also found in Alsópetény and it has a beautiful park which is worth checking out. Travelo.hu also recommends visiting Bánk which is only 8 kilometres away and is famous for its festival at the lake.


This is a peasant cottage in the Bakony. “Master carpenter Ferenc made the amazing furniture of the Bodzás House, while the lace and tapestry is the work of Zsuzsa, the mother of the housewife. There is also a handmade fireplace in the house and Zsuzsa is a heavenly cook” said Tímea about the place. When in the Bakony Mountains, it is kind of obvious that the best programme is hiking, but visiting the Eszterházy Castle in Pápa is also a great experience.

Galambszer, Őriszentpéter

This is a cottage with a porch in the Őrség. The house stands in a huge garden and it is always rented by only one family or couple at a time. There is a lovely pond in the garden and an indispensable fireplace in the house. The Őrség would be a perfect illustration in a fairy tale book with its hills, dense forests, fortress like churches from previous centuries and wooden belfries. Tasting pumpkin seed oil and visiting Pityeszer is also suggested. Moreover, as Őrség is on the Hungarian-Slovenian-Austrian border, you may want to visit transborder sights as well.

Lehner plain, Somogy County

This is a tradition preserving granary-guest house on a farm. “The owner, László Hunyady, is the offspring of the historic Hunyady family, who moved back to Hungary after the change of regime. They got back a part of their former property and they settled down in Lehner plain in Somogy, not far from their antecedent’s former castle. The visitors are welcomed by Count Katalin Hunyady Almásy with endless kindness” told Tímea. The guest house is surrounded by a ten hectare big property, where you can walk in the shade of centenary trees.


Tímea tells that the owners created this special place in a wonderful valley in Mátranovák.

They think that getting to know ourselves is just as important as getting to know our environment, so they offer spiritual programmes with their rooms as well. You can choose from rooms called winter, spring, summer, or autumn. You can also see how a farm works today, since there is one there, or you can have a picnic in the sweet scenery. The Novohrad-Nógrád Geopark is a bit further away, but it is surely worth visiting as it was awarded with a UNESCO acknowledgement not long ago.


You can hide away in more than hundred year old cottages that are comfortably equipped but you still get the original feeling. All cottages contain two apartments, one upstairs and one downstairs, and they are completely separated. But the best thing is the breath-taking view of Lake Balaton. The most romantic and popular programme in Tihany is the lavender weeks, which will be held between the 20th of June and the 1st of July this year.

Source: dailynewshungary.com

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