6 Exciting Luxury Wine Hotels In Hungary

  • 13 Feb 2017 8:00 AM
6 Exciting Luxury Wine Hotels In Hungary
Are you fond of Hungarian wines? Do you enjoy the sight of the gentle slopes of beautiful vineyards? Want to explore the delicacies of Hungarian cousine? Or maybe you want to relax in a pleasant wellness facility after some great experiences in the vineries? If this is the case, you must visit one (or all!) of the following 6 Hungarian wine hotels!

Explore Hungarian Toscana: Liszkay Vineyard Estate - Monoszló

Wine hotel of the estate was built just a few kilometres from the shore of Lake Balaton, in the Káli Basin, on the site of a former wine-press house. From the selection of the fantastic swimming pools we can choose as we like – we can even use the one on the terrace!

We can also have great excursions in the wonderful countryside, visiting the famous sights – e.g. Hegyestű, we can taste the fine courses of the kitchen, and also enjoy the pleasant mediterranean microclimate. Photos ©liszkay.com

Traditions & modernism: Andrássy Rezidencia Wine & Spa ***** - Tarcal

Tokaj-Hegyalja is maybe the most well-known of Hungarian wine regions. Andrássy Kúria, a wonderful combination of traditional and modern is the only five-star hotel in the neighbourhood.

Besides it's moody fireplaces it also offers the latest spa and cosmetic treatments, and after vineyard tours, we can also give a try to tokaji wine spas! Photos ©andrassyrezidencia.accenthotels.com

Wine wellness: Crocus Gere Wine Hotel - Villány

Villány and Villánykövesd are two iconic wine-cellar villages. If we wish to spend time here exploring the region, visiting wine-cellars and wine estates, our hosts can make us possible to visit thermal baths at Harkány, make horse-carriage excursions and bike tours, or even ship excursions!

In Crocus, by favour of Attila Gere we can try not only unique wine wellness or authentic schwab wine dinner, but the specialities of the house: products and oil made of ground-up grape peel and seeds. Photos ©Gere.hu

Stylish & relaxing: Konyári Wineyard -  Balatonlelle

The two-storey villa offers a stylish and human-scale relaxation opportunity at Balatonlelle. It is impossible not to fall in love with konyári wines, the low-key interiours of the villa with glazed tile stoves and the refreshing Balaton environment – enjoying the latter especially when sitting on the huge terrace and enjoying nice weather.

If you wish to explore the area, you can enjoy wonderful panorama of the mountains of the norhern shore of Lake Balaton, make pleasant walks along the lakeshore, and it is worth visiting the 250 years old St. Donat Chapel too.

Contemporary: Kreinbacher Estate - Somlóvásárhely

Contemporary and industrial, and yet it has something of the classical countryside atmosphere: this is Kreinbacher Estate's fascinating group of buildings in a nutshell. From it's windows and glass walls wonderful panorama of Somló Mountain opens up.

The virtuoso designed building was planned by Makovecz-follower Dezső Ekler. The envirnoment is indisputably fantastic. Wines and traditional champagne make the experience really unique, and exploration of the Somló is compulsory (trekking shoes recommended).

Laposa Winery - Badacsony

Wonderful panorama is one of the main attractions of the hotel, which is pair of the Laposa Winery - the latter, designed by Péter Kis and Bea Molnár, won Building of the Year 2011 award of archdaily.com magazine. The hotel exploits the positive characteristics of the site, and thus all the rooms have a fantastic view of Lake Balaton. It also offers wine tasting cellars, restaurant with a panorama glass wall, and also wellness facilities.

Aim of the founders of Laposa Winery is to restore the reputation of the wines of the region, and the result of that is a wine cellar uniting the latest technologies with traditions. Grapes of the region grow in a very unique environment: surrounding mountains, called tanúhegyek are a result of volcanic activities.

Source: gotohungary.com

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