Every Citizen Will Benefit From Digital Transformation

  • 10 Feb 2017 3:00 AM
Every Citizen Will Benefit From Digital Transformation
The government commissioner for Hungary’s digital welfare scheme has said every Hungarian citizen will benefit from the country’s digital transformation, which aims to put Hungary at the forefront of Europe. Tamás Deutsch told an event organised by the Joint Venture Association that the government was getting businesses to cooperate to ensure that digitalisation creates many more jobs than it eliminates.

The transformation is expected to create opportunities and greater equality in society, he said. Like Germany, Hungary espouses the kind of digital transformation that enhances education and the economy simultaneously.

In terms of the digital economy, Hungary is already among Europe’s best-performing countries, he said, accounting for 20% of the economy and 15% of the workforce.

Only the UK, Ireland and the Scandinavian countries are ahead in these respects, he added. The government has launched a scheme for industrial companies under the aegis of the economy ministry with the primary purpose of promoting a level digitialisation playing field, encompassing multinationals operating in Hungary, tech companies, services and small and medium-sized firms, Deutsch said.

He also said new opportunities being made available to public administration at the level of state and local councils when it comes to harnessing digital services over 5G networks.

This scheme will operate between 2018 and 2020, the commissioner said, adding that already more and more households are gaining access to internet speeds of at least 30 megabits per second, he said.

Republished with permission of Hungary Matters, MTI’s daily newsletter.

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