Introducing Angyal Winery

  • 20 Apr 2017 1:00 AM
Introducing Angyal Winery
The centre of Angyal Winery and Vineyards is located in the heart of Tokaj-Hegyalja, the justly famous wine growing region, near the village of Rátka, serving not only as the premises to process grapes but also holding 12 guest rooms and an almost 1 km long cellar, which is one of its kind in the region.

Angyal Winery and Vineyards offers a splendid venue for family events but is also a place to organize social or company meetings.

Earlier we used older barrels of 500-600 litres; however, these have been replaced by modern containers and also by the indispensable new wooden barrels.

When it is time for grape processing, the grapes for classic white wines are usually soaked for one day, for special varieties for several days.

After crushing the must is always settled and clarified so that we get clearer flavours. For the fermentation of the sweeter wines we use the type of yeast appropriate for the given vintage.

For dry wines we always use the yeast most suitable for the grape variety as well as we use enzymatic methods to decompose fine lees to reach mellow flavours.

When deciding upon which wines should be filled into the bottles we always consider the centuries-long tradition of Tokaj-Hegyalja growing region and the requirements of modern days.


My grandfather, Ernő Angyal must have had already a surmise when he surrendered to my unquenchable curiosity and let me put the old cellar in order. What I have inherited from him was not only vine and winery but a continuously renewing passion. He couldn't have been any more conscientious and consequent when he let me try and taste this way of life. This was love at first sight and my grandfather created tradition with and through me.

The Wineyards

The inherited vineyard of 1 ha and the three-storey, 250 m long traditional cellar provided the fundamentals for the present winery. The first vintage followed in 1996. On a land of about 30 ha we grow the varieties Furmint, Hárslevel and Yellow Muscat.

Our vineyards are located in the first-class wine growing regions of Szerencs and Mád. The yards are cultivated by a grape yield of 50-60 q/ha thus producing a must weight of at least 20 regardless of the year of the vintage.


Tokaji Muscat Blanc dry

Sárgamuskotály which was harvested in the middle of September.We got a nice fragrance and content while wetting on its peelings through one day. So it’s dominant fragrances are the marked Muscat, grapefruit and the freshly lawned grass. Thanks to the fizzy filling it became a real refreshing wine.

Tokaji Furmint Dry

A really characteristic Furmint of us.
Consumer friendly acids, nice content, well found barrel timing (5 months, 3 hl medium+), fine mineral content, perfect

Tokaji Cuvée semi sweet

Wines named„Thesis“ was based on the Avengers, consisting of semisweet Tokaji Cuvée throws position. The Furmint friendly flavors, blended to Sárgamuskotály ills that the natural residual sugar content and the scent of wild flowers supplemented, was a perfect match.

Angyal Winery
Address: 3908 Rátka, Iskolameggyes-dűlő 2016/3
Phone: +36 70 415 3854


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