Balaton Gastro Map - Everything You Need To Know About The Lake

  • 19 May 2017 10:00 AM
Balaton Gastro Map - Everything You Need To Know About The Lake
Summer season is coming, and finally, the new 2017 edition of the Balaton Gastronomic Map has been published. This leaflet collects (almost) all the interesting restaurants in a single map: 66 places around the whole Balaton.

The map is for everyone who is at any city of Lake Balaton, and who wishes something more than scone or classic buffets.

Because this is the aim of Balaton Gastronomic Map: to show that nowadays the lake has much more opportunities and higher level of quality as it used to be in the past decades. The other aim is to show that the Hungarian sea is not only worth visiting during the season, but all year long.

So if you’re get excited about the idea by now, there are some more exciting things to know. The Gastro Map collects the best (tested) places: the two creators, Judit Szauer and Dóra Budavári checked them all, and sometimes even restaurants gave recommendation to each other to make it into the list.

Most of the restaurants are open all year round, and the map has every information you need in Hungarian and in English. It shows not only the opening hours, but also if the place is dog or child-friendly, if they have accommodation or winery, and a short description.

The map is made in 250,000 copies and you can find them almost everywhere around the lake, but if you’d like to download it before visiting, click here for the full version.


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