Free Wifi In Every Hungarian Locality By 2018

  • 22 May 2017 10:00 AM
Free Wifi In Every Hungarian Locality By 2018
The government’s goal is to provide Internet in Hungary, which is cheaper, faster and more easily available than ever, reports This goal would be reached by tax cuts, the introduction of the Digital Welfare basic package and free WiFi-connection in every locality of the country – the secretariat of the Digital Welfare Program announced on the occasion of the international day of Internet on Thursday.

They also mentioned in the announcement that the VAT of Internet subscription has decreased to 18 per cent since January 27, this year, and it will be further reduced to 5 per cent by January 2018.

They emphasized that in consequence of this act Hungary will have the lowest VAT of Internet among the member states of the European Union, thus an additional 70 million EUR will remain in the pockets of families and businesses.

According to the announcement, by the end of 2018 every Hungarian locality will have available and free broadband Internet. Also by the end of next year, Hungary will become the first country in the European Union that provides every single household the super-fast Internet of at least 30 megabytes a second.

The Digital Welfare basic package, which is cheaper than ever before, will be launched earlier, in the middle of 2017. They also mentioned that the extended Digital Welfare Program 2.0 has been worked out through a wide-ranging professional collaboration.

The strategy contains more than twenty new development programs, while also introduces programs supporting digitization in almost every part of the Hungarian economy, the governmental functioning and the Hungarian society. The most important goal of the Digital Welfare Program is to make everyone win in the process of digitization – they finally added.


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