KSH Releases 2016 Household Energy, Food Consumption Data

  • 10 May 2017 10:36 AM
KSH Releases 2016 Household Energy, Food Consumption Data
Hungarians’ monthly per capita spending on foodstuffs was at 20,400 forints (EUR 65.4) in 2016, up by 2.6% in current prices from the previous year, a summary of data published by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) shows. Adjusted for inflation, food consumption spending rose by 2.3% in real terms during the period.

Hungarians spent around 5,605 forints on buying meat products, 3,179 forints on milk and dairy products, 3,031 forints on bread and bakery products and 2,197 forints on vegetables and a further 1,446 forints on fruit.

Regarding energy consumption, a KSH summary of preliminary household consumption data shows that Hungarians on average spent 10,907 forints per month on household energy in 2016.

Consumers spent 3,824 forints per month on gas, 3,480 forints on electricity, 2,642 forints on solid fuel and 953 forints on hot water. Spending on solid fuels grew by 8% in 2016 compared to 2015 as their price was up 3.2%.

Consumers also spent 5.6% more on gas, even as its price decreased by 0.8%, resulting in a boost in consumption.

Spending on home upkeep and household energy rose a combined 2.5% to 17,017 forints last year.

Items beside household energy expenditures include waste removal, water utilities, maintenance costs, rent, sewage removal and other services.

Republished with permission of Hungary Matters, MTI’s daily newsletter.

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