'Kazinczy Living Library', Szimpla Kert, 13 January

  • 13 Jan 2018 7:00 AM
'Kazinczy Living Library', Szimpla Kert, 13 January
From the organisers: The Kazinczy Living Library opens up again for Readers. <br>Join us on January 13th at 1 PM in Szimpla for the joint program of the Kazinczy Living Library and MyBudapest Photo Project, where you can meet the victims of the housing crisis. You will have the opportunity to talk to people who have experienced homelessness, live in poverty, without a home, suffered eviction who try to make ends meet on workfare.

At the event, you can also see the pictures of the My Budapest Photo Project exhibition "The street from another angle". The pictures were taken by people living in the street, who will tell their life stories in person as books of the living library.

What is a Living Library?

The Living Library is a method created to promote respect, dialogue and to challenge stereotypes and discrimination between different social groups.

The Living Library is set up as a space for interaction and debate. While in a conventional library visitors can borrow books for reading, in a living library visitors can borrow people for an honest conversation. The Books in a living library are people who are marginalized due to their ethnicity, religion, profession, sexuality, social status, health, background, etc.

During this informal dialogue, the Books are sharing their personal experience regarding any kind of discrimination or inequality they have to face in their life and the Reader can interact, ask questions and reflect on his/her own prejudices.

The Kazinczy Living Library was created inside the walls of Szimpla Kert in Kazinczy street. The organization team had the wish to create an event both aimed at local people and international community in Budapest.

MyBudapest Photo Project - The street from another angle.

Budapest is home to many of us. We all have our favorite places: That special bench on Margaret Island; a street we cycle along to work each morning; or the corner where we meet up before grabbing a beer on Friday evenings. But what is Budapest like for those who literally call these spots home?

This is the second time Budapest Bike Maffia, in cooperation with the Café Art team in London, has launched a photography contest for homeless people. Similarly to last year, volunteers handed out single-use cameras, provided by Fujifilm Magyarország, to the participants so they can capture the city the way they see it.

The pictures for the exhibition have been selected by a professional panel of judges, and 12+1 of the public’s favorite photos on display, along with the stories behind them, are printed in the MyBudapest 2018 calendar. Proceeds go directly to the photographers featured.

The project aims to draw attention to the problem of homelessness, challenge stereotypes and narrow the gap between different segments of society by giving homeless people a chance to show off their talent and provide an insight into their everyday life.

Date and time: Saturday 13 January 13:00 - 16:00

Venue: Szimpla Kert
Address: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 14.,

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