’CulturalFusions’ - InternantionBalLET's New Production Need Your Support

  • 14 Feb 2018 6:18 AM
’CulturalFusions’ - InternantionBalLET's New Production Need Your Support
InternationBalLET is a project founded by expat artists at the Hungarian State Ballet to promote Ballet in a modern and more accessible way and as a universal language.

In the past three years the group of artist involved have created two new performances: 

“Passion, Love…Life”, performed both in Budapest at the Italian Institute of Culture and in Italy (Pad ova and Rome); 

last year the second production “Nuovi Coreografi” brought choreographers from all over the world together and included interactive seminars for people of all ages and abilities.

This season the collaborations of internationBalLET have grown to include more artists coming together in creating our third production “CulturalFusions”.

This performance will be held on May 28th at the BME university of Budapest.

As well as the University’s orchestra conducted by maestro Erdely Dániel this evening of modern ballet will showcase talent from all over the world exploring many different cultures at once.

Dancers from Ballet Central (London) will perform in works by legendary choreographers Sir Kenneth Macmillan and Wayne Mcgregor (performed for the first time in Hungary) Portuguese treasure Fernando Duarte will perform new work about the soulful story of “Pedro e Ines”, South African apartheid will explore "Love in the time of revolution”, Matteo Zamperin will take us on a journey through Italian sculptures exploring the relationship between the creator and the creation furthermore Polish, Japanese and Celtic cultures will be represented.

This is a unique creative event that brings music, dance, design, architecture together!

Learn more abour the production

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