English-Friendly Performances @ Trafó In April

  • 2 Apr 2018 5:16 PM
  • Trafó House Of Contemporary Arts
English-Friendly Performances @ Trafó In April
Trafó brings the spirit of the spring to Budapest with world-famous productions! International performances from Canada to Romania on the stage of Trafó, if you want something really new, fresh and contemporary, check the program!.

Artists Talk, a performance directed by Gianina Cărbunariu (RO)


Date: 04 Apr 2018 8pm

In English, Romanian, French, Czech with English and Hungarian subtitles

Cărbunariu won the Europe Prize New Theatrical Realities award, she is one of the most important personalities in present-day Romanian theatre, an all-round creator, author, and director of the scripts that are the basis of her shows—staged in the country and abroad. They approach contemporary topics or are inspired by recent history: the documentation process (through interviews and archival research) is followed by improvisations performed by actors.

Louise Lecavalier: Battleground (CAN)

Contemporary Dance

Date: 6 Apr 2018 8pm and 7 Apr 2018 8pm

Louise Lecavalier the world famous dancer from Canada explores new territory in this solo and duet freely inspired by two Italo Calvino characters, the nonexistent knight and his squire. The stage is a fight ring, a self-contained experimental world where a thousand battles, ephemeral or extreme, are waged. Avid for adventures and misadventures, the two antiheroes allow glimpses of their ideals and disillusionments to show in a mad, unclassifiable dance.

Video link: https://youtu.be/IMehXVwaONw

David Somló: Listening Club (HU)


Date:23 Apr 2018 7pm  

David Somló’s series of events explores the boundaries of listening in the plain, empty space of Trafó Studio. During this performance a live composition, utilizing simple elements and combining multichannel light and sound, will slowly unfold on the senses, creating an immersive, field recording-inspired environment that will envelope the listener. Thus, Listening Club will transcend the individual nature of those attending to create a collective experience.

The Symptoms: Head first - or The Contractions of Expanding Time (HU)

Contemporary dance

Date: 27 Apr 2018 8pm

In their brand new production, The Symptoms attempt to recall, unravel and articulate the experience of childbirth, using body parts, words, and images.

The four dancers rely on their own personal memories of giving birth, including body functions, traumatic and euphoric at the same time. They try to turn inside out everything that happened to them inside the unconscious realm, beyond the closed eyes and beneath the skin.

Video: https://youtu.be/jqL42MeFVRI

Electrify vol. 16 // Grouper (US), ssaliva (BE), Carla Under Water(HU)


Date: 28 Apr 2018 8pm

The main theme of Electrify’s 16th night is dream-like atmospheres, as the modern-day soul-crushing ballads of Grouper meet the Belgian ssaliva’s romantic hyperambient chamber music and Carla Under Water’s powerful improvisations.


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Trafó House Of Contemporary Arts

Trafó is the cornerstone of the international contemporary art scene in Budapest, often with English language friendly performances by international acts. Visitors will find balance of domestic Hungarian and international artists performing in various genres – theatre, dance, new circus, music and visual arts. It is also a forum dedicated to social issues and a platform for establishing values and contexts as well as generating new ideas. They say, “performances, concerts, exhibitions, and community and audience-building programmes are accessible to members of any generation who are looking for something new”. Address: 1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41. Tel.: (+36 1) 456 2040

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