Nui - Expert Thai Massage Therapist In Budapest

  • 5 Apr 2022 12:32 PM
Nui - Expert Thai Massage Therapist In Budapest
Ms Darin Nijpasin is an experienced massage therapist and healer, she has worked as an expat for many years in China, Maldives, Turkey, and Russia, before arriving in Hungary.

Nui, her nick-name, uses traditional Thai and Asian therapies to successfully treat a wide range of issues e.g. back pain.

She has multiple official qualifications in this field from her home country of Thailand. She also has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Accounting, which she got in Bangkok.

Here in Budapest she provides the following healing services:

Healing massages (1.5 h.)

1. Thai Traditional + Herbal Healing
2. Thai Traditional + Gua Sha
3. Thai Oil Healing + Gua Sha
4. Head +Hands + Foot
5. Tok Sen
6. Thai Abdominal + Thai Traditional
7. Hot Stone + Your Choice
8. Thai Feet Massage (body walking massage)
9. Traditional Thai + Anti stress (Acupressure points and Chakra balancing)
10. Author’s Program for Health

Wellbeing & Relaxation (1 h.)

1. Balinese Massage
2. Mandala Massage
3. Lomi-Lomi Massage

Health Spa programs (2 h.)

1. Lymph drainage + Body Salt Scrub with Coconut/Body Mask + Foot
2. Detox Massage + Abdominal + Facial
3. Aroma Oil Massage + Body Mask/ Body Salt Scrub with Coconut + Facial 
4. Lanna Massage

For price and more info just call 06 70 422 6847

Click here to read her interview

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