Hungarian National Holiday Events, 18 - 20 August

  • 31 Jul 2018 7:46 AM
Hungarian National Holiday Events, 18 -  20 August
Here's a quick summary of what will be officially going on from Friday until Sunday, the 'National Holiday of the Foundation of the Hungarian State'. Included is info about an 'Air and Water Parade' in the front of Parliament, a 'Street of Hungarian Flavours', concerts at Clark Ádám Square, and the ceremonial hoisting of the national flag, plus a fair few fireworks.

Friday 18 August

From 10 a.m. -  Street of Hungarian Flavours - at Várkert Bazaar

Concerts - Várkert Stage: Lóci játszik, Mörk, Jetleg, Antonia Vai, NB, Tom Stormy Trio fea Petrovna

From 3 p.m. - 10.30 pm. - concerts at Várkert Bazaar and Clark Ádám Square

Saturday 19 August

From 10 am - Street of Hungarian flavours - From Castle Garden Bazzar to Szilágyi Dezső Square

Concerts at Clark Ádám Square:  Balkan Fanatik, Bagossy Brothers Company, Ghymes, Szabó Balázs Bandája, Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol

Festival of Folk Arts in the Buda Castle

Sunday 20 August

8.30 am  - Ceremonial hoisting of the national flag of Hungary, followed by the swearing-in ceremony of military officers (1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos Square)

Ceremonial speech by János Áder, President of Hungary

10 am - Air and water parade in the section of the Danube in the front of the Parliament

From 10 am - Street of Hungarian flavours

Concerts at Clark Ádám Square: Kolompos, Tóth Gabi, Supernem, Ferenczi Gyuri és a Rackajam, Póka-Tátrai Regeneráció

10 am - 4 pm - Guided tour of the Holy Crown in Parliament

5 pm  - Holy Mass followed by the Holy Right Procession (1051 Budapest, Szent István Square – Saint Stephen’s Basilica)

6 pm – Message Chain with Petőfi Rádio along the Danube embanksments

9 p.m. - Fireworks display in the section of the Danube in front of the Parliament

For your interest, a few quick facts about 'King Stephen the State Founder':

Stephen The First (997–1038) was the last Grand Prince of the Hungarian Conquerors in the Carpathian Basin, and the first Christian King of Hungary, crowned by Pope Sylvester II. King Stephen had fought for the unity of Hungary against pagan Hungarian warriors, and also for the independence of the Hungarian Kingdom against Western European troops. 

He brought Christianity to the country and established a legal system. Thus the 20th August in Hungary is both a large scale National and Christian holiday - much loved by Hungarians, especially due to the amazing annual fireworks.

State events marking August 20, a major national holiday celebrating Hungary’s statehood, will be held over the period of three days.

Celebrations this year would reflect on a time when emphasising Hungarian statehood, national identity and national cohesion was more important than ever, he added.

The Street of Hungarian Flavours will open as early as on 18 August, Saturday, and will await visitors on all three days of the long weekend. There will be concerts on all three days as well. In addition to others, Tankcsapda will be among the performing artists; their concert will be held at the Gellért Statue.

Senior pyrotechnician Éva Leskovics said that this year in the evening of 20 August more than 21,000 effects will be set off. They recommend that visitors view the fireworks – both for best spectacle and for safety – from the section of the Danube Banks between the Chain Bridge and Margaret Bridge as well as on Margaret Bridge.

The organisers and the agencies responsible for safety will be able to communicate with one another on an ongoing basis via a secure communication system, and should the need arise, the fireworks could be stopped with the pressing of a single button.

A composition of Tamás Szarka will supply the background music. The fireworks will feature the national colours and gold, Mrs Leskovics said.

Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács said they will also have a surprise as part of the fireworks. He indicated that this year people with disabilities will be able to view the evening fireworks from the Olympic Park.


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