Video: Made In Hungary 4.0 - Digitalization

  • 16 Jul 2018 7:30 AM
Video: Made In Hungary 4.0 - Digitalization
Manufacturing and innovation has been going hand in hand for over centuries in Hungary. The country has probably punched above its weight in science, especially in terms of engineering and biotechnologies.

With more than 10 Nobel Prize laureates and a number of game changing inventions like the modern transformer, the carburettor, the cathode ray, Vitamin C, quantum mechanics and digital computing, Hungarians have given a lot to the world.

After WWII, Hungary was turned into a production base for buses, tools, agricultural equipment and medical devices. This industrial heritage combined with a traditionally strong knowledge base in mathematics, physics, and chemistry is still alive and well.

At the edge of the digital industrial revolution the time has come to turn Hungary into a hub for research, innovation and highly advanced manufacturing.

With the digital talent and skills, supported by the practice-based dual education system, continuous tax reduction on employment and appealing incentive schemes, we not only have the right strategy, but we are able to implement that.

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