Click For Work: Summer Camps For International Children

  • 5 Jul 2018 11:51 AM
Click For Work: Summer Camps For International Children
It feels like yesterday when we were walking around in our winter coats, asking each other: what has happened to spring? But those times passed, and now, we are already in July which can only mean one thing: the school year has been over.

Hundreds of thousands of students and little kids are thrilled to have a 10-week vacation.

As a parent this time of the year can be challenging, that’s why we came up with several summer camp recommendations for children.

There is a vast variety of sportcamps around Budapest, but if your children not yet dedicated to a sport or a sport club, it’s not easy to find an appropriate camp.

Thats why we recommend 1st step!

First step is a 5-day camp in the heart of Buda, in the 1st district. This camp is for the younger ones, they have a group for children who are 3-6 years old, and another group for children between 6-10.

The programs vary each day, and between the active/sport classes the little ones can express themselves by crafting something. They welcome international childrean as well!

Additional information for 1st step:

Contact: Rita Utasi-Peszlen
Camp duration: 5 days
Fee: 38 000 Ft
T.:+36 20 227 0319

We highly recommend a horse riding school, with lots of extra activities. They go by the name BabaMamaHáz which translates to BabyMomHouse, but they do so much more than surveilling our children. You can apply to a swimming camp as well, and they accept children older than 4.

If your child is into horses, or animals, you should call them up! Face painting every week! Please do not forget to mention ClickforWork, you get 3000 Ft discount out of the fee!

Additional information for BabaMamaHáz:

Contact: Andi Ujvári
Camp duration: 5 days
Fee: 35 000 - 38 000 Ft

If your children are more into crafting and creative things don’t worry we can suggest a camp of this subject too. They are concentrating on painting, clay work, and basically any kind of art. This camp is for children older than 6, and they welcome international youngster as well.

After all, you don’t have to use words, when you can express yourself with crayons. This camp is on the Buda side, a little far from the center of the city, but is definitely worth the trip! Only few places are available!

Additional information for Hobbykreativ:
Contact: Mariann Szentiványi
Camp duration: 5 days
Fee: 39.500 Ft
T.: +36304587670


And if you’re too busy to drop of you’re children just go to book a student who can escort your little ones to these wonderful camps, and back home!

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